How to become a FPS UberPro

Jose El Mexicano from stars in another episode of Jose's Puntos! This time, Jose gives tips on how to become that 1337 UberPro at First Person Shooters. Enjoy.

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MGOelite3539d ago

I REALLY hate people who jump about unessicarly in FPS games, annoys the hell outta me

mastiffchild3539d ago

I know what you mean. At least in a FPS though they might not realise just how stupid they look what really kills me is when you chase some dude on Warhawk who's obviously only got a knife and he can see himself and still he's everywhere! You're like "mate, I've got a flamethrower it makes no difference. You can see AND hear it why the pogo party?".
Knew that stuff already(not that I get any better at anything after two weeks anyway)but I never tried being a fat Mexican, and I dig their food, so if it's gonna sharpen me up I'm in!

ambientFLIER3538d ago

Haha, I love it when Halo players are playing COD4, bunny-hopping all over the place. I guess they don't realize that your jump is only like a foot, compared to 10 feet in Halo, and that it makes no difference to me or that claymore they just tripped.

Timesplitter143539d ago

It was entertaining but not very useful. Most people already know this, I know I do.

Anyway, nice vid

Kushan3539d ago

Get a keyboard and mouse.

Gun_Senshi3539d ago

go play PC FPS if you wanna be a Pro.

Bunnyhopping noob.

phantomshadow3538d ago

I'm sure he's still probably better than you.

N4Garbage3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Bunny Hopping in CoD4 proves beneficial if executed properly.

When people get mad and start the "This isn't Halo *insert insult here*" talk.

You know it's working.

Drinking red bull and smoking marijuana increase awareness and aiming skills by 200% proven fact by a 57 Kill Streak in a TDM on Bog.

(Afghani Kush and Maui Haze hybrid = Jesus Weed)

Graphics Whore3538d ago

Smoking weed can actually improve your performance up to 100% Helps cognition.

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