Game Over For Xbox Support In Japan

Microsoft has given up its first Xbox console in Japan. Starting March 3, original Xbox owners will no longer enjoy support for their consoles.

The decision affect all original Xbox consoles, no matter if they are still under warranty or not.

That's sour news for Japanese buyers, but the Redmond company packed the announcement with a nice deal to sweeten things up. The good news is that Xbox owners will be able to change their old consoles with brand new Xbox 360's at no charge.

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PirateThom3565d ago

"The good news is that Xbox owners will be able to change their old consoles with brand new Xbox 360's at no charge"



Capt CHAOS3565d ago

Mind you.. How man old xboxs were sold in Japan? Let's see, 50 a month x N years, I dunno, may be 3500?

OGharryjoysticks3565d ago

Educated guess is if they owned the original Xbox in Japan they already own the 360.

PirateThom3565d ago

Surprisingly, it sold around 430,000

solidt123565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Do you mean to tell me that Xbox owners under warranty in Japan are getting a free 360. That's BS. What about us? My Original Xbox was still under warranty when they pulled the plug in the US.

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Aaron Greenterd3565d ago

Yep. That's right folks, since we can't sell 360s in Japan, we are going to GIVE original Xbox owners a free 360. This will bring our Japanese total to around 1.5 M units, so we can now honestly claim an 8 million lead (so we lied a little, big deal).

Our strategy going forward is to give 360s away to make sure Sony will never catch up. We have no idea if it will work, just like the 360 when we release it back in 2005. But, you do what you have to.

Tony P3565d ago

Yeah, this is just masquerading as magnanimous. I mean how many people over there still maintain an Xbox alpha under warranty? MS has to know it's not that many, otherwise the deal wouldn't be out there in the first place.

itagaki3565d ago

or... they could not give anything for free. This is free, who cares? If you still want your original under warranty Xbox then keep it. Geeezzz, people like to spin everything as negative news about MS.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3565d ago

So 360 is doing SO BAD in Japan, that they are now giving them away for free

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Nineball21123565d ago

Per the article:

"The bad news is that the deal will only apply to original Xbox consoles still under warranty."

How many Xbox's would still be under warranty? Next to nothing, I'd suspect.

farhsa20083565d ago

microsoft dropping support for a product? Surprise surprise

anubis123565d ago

NICE... move those 360s on in there

Timesplitter143565d ago

Well I thought the Xbox support was already gone in America and Europe too

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