MLB The Show '09 - True 1080p60 on PlayStation 3

The biggest improvement to the game comes from MLB 09's native 1080p support. The game runs at an uncompromised 1920×1080 native resolution with no AA. In this respect, it's identical to the '08 game, but the key difference is that unlike the last game, MLB '09 displays a full 60 frames per second on the 1080p setting vs the 30fps of its predecessor. The '08 1080p mode had few other losses on visual effects such as depth of field, which is retained and improved in both 720p and 1080p modes on the new game.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603538d ago

Only possible on the PLAYSTATION®3.

ReTarDedFisHy3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

What the heck are you doing here?! I saw you die at Wal-Mart!

Er, anyway, this is awesome! Can't wait to play this (though I'm not necessarily a huge baseball fan).

pimp6143538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

we get are first 1080p game on the Ps3, been waiting for this along time now. Close to 200 games and 4 years we finally will rejoice with a true 1080p60 on ps3.

Mindboggle3538d ago

There are loads of 1080p games, most PSN games are 1080p eg Wipeout HD. And Gran turismo is 1080p aswell as some others.

PirateThom3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

4 years?

More like 2 years and 3 months... :-/

And there's been other 1080p games.

thereapersson3538d ago

Correction -- most games are NEAR 1080p, but there haven't been very many full 1080p games yet that are actually 1080p and not upscaled in some way.

Anyway, MLB: The Show is amazing; it's one of the best baseball gaming franchises ever!

acedoh3538d ago

sarcastic or are you uninformed.... The PS3 has had numerous titles at 1080p. Actually when it first launched there were two 1080p games. Rigge Racer and Full Auto.

This game really looks awesome. Some of the best looking players on any sports game I have played so far. They have really improved the series. This is the third show on the PS3 and every year it improves massively.

thereapersson3538d ago

I know, right! The graphics are killer, but the gameplay and the sound effects are even better. I couldn't believe how realistic the play mechanics were when I played last year's version. It looks as though '09 will be worth a purchase from me, and that's saying something considering I *never* buy sports games.

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crinale3538d ago

I thought GT5P and Wipeout HD are 1080P also.

Microsoft Xbox 3603538d ago

He's just a troll. That comment was pure fanboy bait.

Marceles3538d ago

NBA 2K7 was native 1080p 60fps too I think

techie3538d ago

WipEout HD is glorious in 1080p 60fps

hazeblaze3538d ago

Uhhh... it's only been two years. But yea, this is going to be a definite purchase for me this year!

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ThaGeNeCySt3538d ago

How come my TV forces the demo down to 720p ? :(

PLXNIN3538d ago

to unleash the awesomeness of 1080p =)

ThaGeNeCySt3538d ago

I'll try that... but I don't want to keep doing that between games lol. MGS4 displays at 1080p and so does Gran Turismo Prologue, SSFIIHD Remix, & Super Stardust HD

Alexis Machine3538d ago

On other games, you know, the unchecking thing, but it doesn't work. there's 4 options - 720 1080i , 1080p and one more, i think its 480 or 5seventy something. Can't remember, but its sub HD. The problem is that last option is greyed out an you can't uncheck it! if you run the game with 720 and 1080i unchecked, then the game runs at the sub-hd resolution and not 1080p...

Anybody else had this problem?

yanikins1113538d ago

"tEH pOEWR of teh cell"


Wurider3538d ago

but it is a complete lag fest when you play online. I hope that they work on that.

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