Stop The Fanboyism

"When you log on to any gaming site now a days, you find yourself in a bit of disbelief. Fanboys flood the web with their ridiculous comments supporting their preferred console. Is this what our gaming community has really become? And what can we do to stop it?"

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KKanjiAnkh3563d ago

True indeed, I just can't wait for all the shows around the corner, Fanboys don't bother me, poor games do, and they're just as easy enough to scrape from the bottom of my shoe, like bubble gum.

cronaldo73563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

"It's a stupid ****ing console. You made a choice- or your mummy and daddy made a choice- and bought you a ****ing console to play games on. If you really waste ANY MORE energy giving a **** about which console is better/best/'s like: man, one day you will look back and go: How did I spent more than 5 seconds thinking about that crap? Hell, my LIVING is determined by how well consoles do and I don't spend 5% the time some of you guys/gals do thinking about this."

GrieverSoul3563d ago

Well, even though I agree with the statment and I dotn consider myself a FANBOY, I would like to see the PS3 doing better than it is now!

If there were no PS3 than X360 would rule the hardcore market and be left with shovelware! If the PS3 exists, the X360 gets to a position where it has to prove its better and it keeps innovating its services and gaming library. That benefits all of us! So YES we should care about a mother**** console! We should care about the sales each and everyone has! We should care because we like game!!!

Takes this example, right now, there is no competition for the WII!
(Sorry, but the WII has a diferent market than the X360 and PS3)
And look at the results, a triple A game in a 100 that suck! Thats what you get when there is no competition! Not saying its a bad console or anything but its as lot of shovelware in its library!

To sum things up, we should care for this industry! Fanboys are the one that wish their console to reign supreme without competition. Fanboy´s are the one that bash a great game just because it isnt on their console!

NOTE: To the FANBOYS who are reading. Exchange the X360 word for PS3 and PS3 for X360 and you get what I mean. :P

Maddens Raiders3563d ago

not to be fanboys when both Sony and Microsoft gaming division heads promote it straight out.

Jaffe is a money-whore who obviously doesn't care proven by his desire & support for the "uni-console". stfu Jaffe and get to work...we'll live and opine as we please.

You bought an Xbox3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Writen by a True Bot
Just Cause the PS3 is Handing the 360 an Ass Whoopin
All the Bots are Now tired of Fanboyism

Ha Ha

You Bought an Xbox

3003563d ago

I'll be surprised if this gets 20 to 30 comments, if that. This article will be avoided by all the fanboys on this site for fear of self incrimination.

David jaffe said it the best, "Cranaldo7", bubbles up for posting that.

To the fanboys here who will ignore this story anyway, if you do end up just looking, 3 words for you.


Maddens Raiders3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

wrong. and 10-1 that my life is better than yours, not that i care much, but you broached that subject not me.

how do you want to do of financial statements through PM, health ? Do we need an arbitrator...?

I'm ready when you are...just let me know. I'm not going anywhere.

oh yeah I've got two words for you:

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

yamamoto1143563d ago

2.1: You're a fanboy. Don't deny it. You're just trying to fool yourself.

3003563d ago

Maddens, bubbles up for you, that made me laugh.

I am a betting man, 10-1 sounds like good odds, but this is the internet and i’m not giving out financial statements over it. You’ll just have take my word, i’ve got money invested, im fit as a fiddle, an active social life, etc. I’ll settle on your life being as rosy as mine.

This got over 30 comments, can’t quite believe it, we even got some fanboys in here, not many though.

Back at you friend, PLAYB3YOND, although I still stand by my 3 word comment to the fanboys (like Mart, POG etc.)

bomboclaat_gamer3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

i agree. the other day i went on a killzone 2 bashing, just to see who would come attack me. and yes i was right. i got PM's from this kid called KillzoneKid, calling me a mother effer and my eyes will be plucked out. i mean, how people take gaming so seriously.

i even lost a bubble in my experiment. i need my bubble back all u ps3 fanboys. gimmie back my bomboclaat BUBBLE!

jadenkorri3563d ago

trying to face the wrath of fanboys, bubble for you, ive lost my bubbles too for stating facts, i really don 't care, iv already lost my reporting privladges for some odd reason, apparently i reported wrongly... oh well, a simple email would of sufficed in correction, not a ...UR gotta love this site...

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