GameSpy Preview: Dragon Age

GameSpy: "Things will not end well between the Dalish Elves and the werewolves. But Dan Tudge, Dragon Age's executive producer, would probably lay a Delayed Blast Fireball on our premises if I go too much into it. This is the rough part about previewing RPGs: it's hard for the host to showcase a lot of things without trampling over the narrative in the process, and as a non-invested onlooker, it's hard for you to care what's happening. You've just met these people, in a sense, and the character navigating the dialog trees is one who's been molded by a stranger. That amounts to likely quite a few moral quandaries whose resolutions you've had no input in. And really, what's an RPG character besides a Gordian knot of attributes, talents, ethical ratings, and miscellaneous magic items?"

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