Gears of War 2 multiplayer changes incoming

Rod Fergusson over at Epic (developers of Gears of War 2) has posted on the official Gears forums posing an interesting question to the forumites - what do you think of changing the current TrueSkill system of ranking and match-making in Gears of War 2, to one based on match experience instead?

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Fragking283540d ago

it would be better than a ranking system were noone knows how to rank up

oOLightOo3540d ago

how bout increased the penalty even more to stop ppl from quiting, and region locking the game, so i don't have to play cross-country games that lags like sh!t

Rayko3540d ago

How about changing the whole HALO3 wanna be system, to the online system in the first gears of war? To me it is annoying that you have to vote what stage you want to play all the time. I see very very often that people get dissapointed about what stage that has been choosen and drop out. So please, I dont see the point of buying new maps when you wont be able to play them because of the voting system.

outlawlife3540d ago

thats why there is a special playlist for specific maps

if people used the playlists as intended they wouldn't have to worry about being disappointed

KKanjiAnkh3540d ago

Please add 4 Players to the campaign, somebody hear my cries.

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The story is too old to be commented.