Milan: Resident Evil 5 Presentation

Wednesday, February 4, in Milan, was the official presentation of the new episode of series Resident Evil.
Presentation organized by the Halifax, this was a team representing the Capcom made up of the producer of Resident Evil 5 Masachika Kawata, co-producer with Jun Takeuchi (Lost Planet), along with Ben Le Rougetel, Capcom Director European Comunity and pr and Capcom Intel Business co-ordinator Lee Shigemi Tanaka

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BLUR1113591d ago

Nice set up.
I would not mind to go to that show

Pintur3583d ago

set up is fantastic ;)

arvfab3591d ago

The location seems to be creepy.... even creepier than the game :D
I wished RE would be like the first ones. I would love a remake of RE2, my favorite game in the series.

4 and 5 are not bad games, but they are no RE anymore :(