About: Dancing with the Stars: We Dance Review

About writes: "A fun if limited music/rhythm game, Dancing with the Stars: We Dance! for the Nintendo DS can't compare to giants like Guitar Hero, but it provides an enjoyable experience without added accessories, instead making excellent of the DS's touch screen and stylus."


* Basic mechanic – tapping falling stars – is fun and catchy.
* Pre-rendered videos of dancers keep the theme alive during gameplay.
* Different modes and difficulty levels allow for extended, varied play.
* Interesting range of music.


* Overlapping numbers on stars can make tapping confusing.
* The balloon popping noise that comes with each tap is hardly musical.
* Tapping also doesn't always feel rhythmic.
* Player avatars are awkwardly rendered and move/speak even more awkwardly.
* New music takes a long time to unlock.

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