Tretton: PS2 could be around for well beyond 10 Year Life Cycle

Sony's Jack Tretton said the PS2 could stick around well beyond its planned 10-year life cycle, and the company expects to sell between 4 and 6 million units in the United States this year.

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Torch4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

But the link is wrong...sort of.

I thought it was referencing a completely unrelated article, until I realized that the link is actually pointing to Page 3 of the article.

Threw me for a loop, there.

Bebedora4273d ago

...I like the symbolism of your avatar. Made me *LOL*

Torch4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

...but uh...I don't get it.

Thanks nonetheless!

grifter0244273d ago

OK so now SONY is going to stay with the ps2.... That means dev's are going to be split between the ps2 and ps3... I dont know I thought they said they were done with the ps2... Whatever...

Zinswin4273d ago

Are people actually listening to what JT says lately? Hey, Jack, I want my $3600 for spotting PS3's in the wild.

kingston4272d ago

too many people own one and sony would just be making enemys by cutting production after its still selling well both microsoft and nintendo are finish with there last gen console but its nice to see sony is still going strong after there was the first to start the last gen and the last to finish