Japan: Weekly hardware sales for 2/19 - 2/25

Hit the jump to find out this week's latest japanese hardware sales from

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TheMART4432d ago

Wii up again, PS3 down again... This is getting bad for Sony in Japan

power0919994432d ago

I agree.

However you left the 360 out. It is pretty grim for MS as well.

bombzombie4432d ago

They are going after the U.S. market first...then other markets...Sony for MS has never really been in Play. And that's not spin, it's just that for all intensive purposes....while American consumers accept Japanese goods...Japanese consumers usually stick to homegrown and that is in everything from Sonys and Nintys to cars. That's why GM and Ford hate Toyota. The consumer dollars as allocated by the consumers currently support Japan's exports more than US sales. :-) That is undisputed and I am a PSiii60 so don't try and flame me on this. :-)

r10004432d ago

WTF??? So those 200 MILLION + PS2'S were mainly bought in Japan... I don't think so my friend.. I'm not talking about the ps3 now.. but the SONY PLAYSTATION brand is worldwide....

power0919994432d ago

The DS really is a force to be feared.

Nice work Nintendo!

GaMr-4432d ago

But the PSP got some fire under its A$$...look at those sales. Hell hand some of that off to the

power of Green 4432d ago

What you said is partly why folks don't bother, so people focus on the Japanese console's in Japan.

BIadestarX4432d ago

It's obvious that the wii will dominate in japan regarless of Sony's effords to give the PS3 at the cheapest price in the planet. So far the 360 is dominating in America, Sony's last change to dominate a major region comes this month. Lets hope Sony does dominate in europe. It would be interesting if each console dominates a different region. The way things are going the days where one console dominates all regions are over.

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The story is too old to be commented.