PlayStation 3: Most Discussed Console In Video Game History?

Psxextreme writes:

Now, I'm old enough to remember all the way back to the earliest video game consoles, but for the life of me, I can't recall a system that has received so much enduring discussion and debate as the PlayStation 3.

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TrevorPhillips3566d ago

there nothing wrong with the ps3, maybe theres something wrong with you go get yourself checked

WildArmed3566d ago

No console needs 'saving' in this generation
This generation is probably the best yet in that terms.
360/ps3 are doing well against each other.. and NONE of them need saving.
Wii is in its own world.. I wonder if it'll ever wake up...
Either way, you cant go wrong with any console..
Every console is going to be supported for years to come.. yes this includes the PLAYSTATION 3 (for the slow types on N4G)

3566d ago
Godmars2903566d ago


Worth a bubble just for that.

3566d ago
dukadork23566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

bubble 4 feline
and all ps3 fans

pain777pas3566d ago

PS3 is awesome I got mine used and the good thing is you can get this system used and should.

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ape0073566d ago

it's an all around amazing system and the media always try to put it down

100+ articales of pure bullsh!t.ps3 will fail,home is a failure,sony lost,pull out ps3 etc..

3566d ago
TrevorPhillips3566d ago

PS3 is one of a beast and if anything tries to get near it, it will attack it

Omegasyde3566d ago

Thanks GTA3, Halo, Goldeneye, God of War, Gran Tourismo, and the Sony PS2 DVD drive.

But I will say, the PS3 is talked up so much because of the high expectations that were put on it from the PS2.

Technically speaking, Sony still is the king of Consoles. Despite the Wii or 360 selling more, this generations of consoles are not done. The race continues despite the competition have a great head start. Sony also has a stigma with the brand.

Godmars2903566d ago

Not saying that the games you mention aren't popular, but the Wii - regardless of the quality of its games - is mainstream.

pwnsause3566d ago

yea, Aaron Greenberg should learn from that mistake.

Why dis3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

After checking things out PS3 fans have greatly over hyped things about PS3 and its software.

Some of the past over hyped games were a joke in comparison to the 2nd coming hype they got.

You just got to get passed the flashy shiny sh*t of the interface etc.

Why dis3566d ago

Sony's Past standing in the industry and PR this generation has caused the attention. All Started with Ken. K

PeptoBismol3566d ago


why piss, stop talking to yourself

Why dis3566d ago

Hush child. Stay on topic.

PeptoBismol3566d ago

oh tough man. guess since u added me to your ignore list so fast, i must have struck a nerve.

nix3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

don't worry 360 also gets talked a lot. specially when it comes to RROD, over-hyped games, bad multiplayers, paying to play games online etc... and oh by the way, i hope you've already paid for this year's Live connection. too bad.. you could have used that money to buy another DLC though.

@peptobismal: yup you did hit the nerve of "why piss".

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