Will the Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake ever become a reality?

Gamer.Blorge writes: "Final Fantasy VII on the PS3? Yes please. But will this long-awaited and oft-rumored remake ever actually become a reality? God, I hope so."

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Skyreno3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

why..... that picture cloud and sepiroth on ps3 game box .... is too much can't think, I WANT IT SO BADLY

Omegasyde3542d ago

If a another FFV11 related game does come out...

Do you want a Next gen Remake or a Sequel instead?
I dread that Square does a sequel because FFX-2 "suct".

These blogs and websites do need to stop the speculations. Grasping for hits is one thing,but to tease and give opinionated evidence is straight cruel to the die hard fans. :(

INehalemEXI3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I want a remastered FF7, first thing. I just want it to be upgraded in modern poly counts and HD textures. Made with Crystal Tools Engine.

PixlSheX3542d ago

Don't get your expectations very high..
It may happen, but it may not. And maybe someday SE announce it, or deny it.

Xandet3542d ago

A FFVII "next-gen" remake would provide a vast flow of cash in the direction of Square Enix, and they know it. They know the fanboy and girls want it desperately, and the longer they hold the piece of meat just out of reach, the more people will want and hype it (such as this, yet-another, generic article). I apologize if I sound sour, I love FFVII as much as the next fan, and it holds a very special place in in my heart from my early gaming years, like many of you. Yet, thanks to a chain of back-stabbings fueled by greed, my respect for the once-beloved company has fallen firmly in the s**t. Sure, once the remake comes, I'll be happy to play it (even if it's magically a 360 exclusive, which wouldn't surprise me in the least), but there will always be that little voice in the back of my head telling me to kick myself for ever supporting such a self-righteous company. Phew.. rant over; now where them disagrees?

Danja3542d ago

FF7 can never appear on any other system other than a Playstation because it's the only FF game that Sony ever published so they own the rights to it...

but I really hope someday we get a proper Remake on the PS3 , I mean SE built up our hopes with that Tech Demo...and now nothing..since then :(

pain777pas3542d ago

It does not have to be the exact game have a game starring Denzel and Marlene. Spice it up with playable appearances from everyone from the first game and call it a day.

anarchy993542d ago

That just wouldn't work. The whole point of a FFVII remake is to relive everything that was brilliant about the game and that IMO is everything. If they changed such things as the story or the battle system etc then it would ruin the game completely. The only things I would want to see in a remake would be next-gen graphics and possibly voice acting but I wouldn't be bothered either way if I had to read my way through the game.

Jinxstar3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

This is exactly what i posted yesterday. Feel free to hate but it's ture. Anything that gets changed apart from maybe the CGI in cut scenes some will hate and some may love but expect much more hate from die hard FF7 fans.

Everyone here says "OMFG I WANT YAY!!!" I bet you 9/10 of these guys who say that they want a remake will moan after the first screens are released because "It doesn't hold true" "The controls changed" "The story isn't perfect" or a million other reasons... We don't need a remake. Just a PSN DL of the original. The Original was great the way it is and any change at all will send gamers crying. i.e. Diablo 3 comes to mind recently... A shoot off of 7. maybe a side story of some kind. good idea. Remake is a bad bad bad idea. Mark my words on that...

Edit; I just wanted to add the game really was great for it's time... For it's time. just like Golden eye and doom and Super mario Bros... Now a days if you try and go back it's hard. It's dated. just like cartoons from when you were a kid. it's not the same. Square will have to change things to bring the game up to date and gamers will hate that. They will petition and moan and cry for weeks and fume and threaten to turn their backs and say "It's not right them changing everything". It's historically the way it is. disagree all you want but it's just not a good idea when there is nothing wrong with the old one... FYI I just recently beat it again for the 4th time.... The first time I played it i was living in Russia and all I could find was a jap version. I played it with my thai friend using a walkthrough and didn't know a single thing that was happening the whole time. I loved it then as I do now. I say again a PSN release is all thats needed anything else will cause way too much drama.

Edit 2: If you disagree please at least say why.

Someone pointed out to me yesterday that a Bionic Commando(BC Rearmed) type remake might be good for those who never got to try it before. I can agree with that but thats not what most gamers want. They want a flashy new everything and when they get a flashy new everything they will most likely hate that it's so different... Can't make them happy. I think this may be why Square haven't said anything yet. That and they are working on New IP's...

kwicksandz3542d ago

Two things.

FF7 already came out on non ps platforms when it got a pc release. the pc release was also not published by sony.

Secondly, Publishing deals expire. IF a ff7 remake is made you can bet your bottom dollar it will be published by square.

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grantps33542d ago

i personally could care less, but i know that a lot of other ps3 fans would sell their soul for it.

i dont think it will because square enix is being stupid and biast

bbblockbird3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

1 thing i can say 4 sure is that game hands down would put ps3 ahead of rrod360 in terms of sales

Hiruma Youchi3542d ago

If they ever make a FF7 remake it'll be on both PS3 and Xbox360 best belive it. Since alot of the gamers who used to play the 1st one on the psone have went to Xbox360. Anyways if they want to make most money of a remake they should make it on the NDS or the PSP.

Omegasyde3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I 'believe" Sony still has publishing rights for. I.E. ANYTHING RELATED TO FINAL FANTASY 7. Unsure if their contract is still valid after all these years, but technically Sony gave money to SquareSOFT to help them out. I think there is still a agreement between the two, because of the interest of the FF7 themed PS3.

I believe Ubi also owns the right to the PC aspect, but hey you never know FF7 remake might be playable on PC as well.

I highly doubt this will come to the 360, but then again FF13 and that square-enix hates the company that saved their arse in the 1990's. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I think before the merger sony owned 19% of Squaresoft, but now owns like 7-9%. Ironically, Sony must still make dividends on ALL Square-enix games.

The Sony/Square Deal reference:

cayal3542d ago

"Since alot of the gamers who used to play the 1st one on the psone have went to Xbox360"

What? Where did you pull that BS from?

Obama3542d ago

if u only have a 360, u won't ever get to play the next generation ff 7. Unlike ff13, Sony owns the publishing right to ff7.

rucky3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

More than half of total sales for Final Fantasy 7 (approx 4 million) are from Japan. So unless it's a fact that the whole world all converted from Playstation to Xbox then your statement is a big pile of bullcrap.

v1c1ous3542d ago

if you subtract the ps3's total install base from the 360 install base (we'll go ahead and assume all those people have both a 360 and a ps3, which isnt the case but just for now), then that leaves about 7-8 million gamers with only a 360.

now how many of those you think owned a ps1 and are waiting for ff7, but only have a 360 this gen? answer: A LOT. heck myself included.

but if you really want to throw a wrench into the equation, try to think of a ff7 remake possible for WII.

SOny fanboys immediately think remake = uber graphics.

if squeenix is gonna cash in one a ff7 remake cash cow, you can bet your sweet patooie the wii has the biggest chance of seeing a copy than ps3. heck, i wouldnt put it past squeenix to make it psp only. sony still benefits, but you know.

RyuStrife3542d ago

You can't compare install bases anymore. How many of them actually own 2 or more consoles? We don't know. Just because it sells more does not mean there's more people in it. It could just be that many of those who suffered a lost console bought a new one. If you're going to compare that, then might as well give it to the wii people. Geez, any comparison with install bases will be hard because we seriously don't know how many people owns 2 or more of the same console. So stop that BS. I'm sure Sony still own some rights to FFVII. And the bigger base in Japan, where the original sold quite well is still Sony's. Sure it would be nice to see it Multiplatform so many fans could still enjoy it, but those 360 only people could buy a PS3 cheaper(than it's current price) 2-3 years down the road. It's not like this game has been announced yet and VS XIII and XIII won't be making out in the States/EU anytime soon.

Xandet3542d ago

Not like you need 'em, but s**t man, bubbles for you.

cayal3542d ago

How many do not have a PS3 or 360?

BIGBOSS083542d ago

after they see the sales of FFXIII they wont bother making any more games on 360. ps3 verson will outsell it heavily. the 360 version probably wont even reach 1 million, not when theres a ps3 version around anyway.

0verdrive3542d ago

i dont disagree that the ps3 version will outsell 360, but i dont think the 360 version will do poorly at all. i base this on the fact that japan probably has the biggest market for ff games, and they heavily favor the ps3. but i wouldnt put it past us 360 owners to pick up ff, i just doubt that itll amount to japan sales, because japanese people buy up ff games like hotcakes, while its more of a niche game for us gamers. ill be picking mine up day1 prob, for ps3.

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yanikins1113542d ago

id prefer a really good sequal. i would hate for sqeenix to butcher a classic game. best they risk a sequal (as aluded to i thought at the end of advent children) as even if its an abortion they still wouldnt have ruined the original story...

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