Microsoft Infiltrates Firefox

"This is a very serious breach of user trust. Not only is this package delivered without explicit approval, it's also made difficult to remove. Moreover, its use is not clear. Lastly, the change affects third-party software, not one of Microsoft products, so the question is, what the hell did Microsoft want to achieve with this nebulous, spyware-like update?"

That question was posed by the author of Dedoimedo, a website specialising in step-by-step tutorials, when he found that the latest update to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (KB951847) secretly added a strange new component to Firefox ...

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Sasanova5046d ago (Edited 5046d ago )

some kid posted this on gametrailers forums and people laughed at him. he also said something about xbox users having a secret place they gather loyal fans at to go on random forums and post bad crap about the first i laughed but wow, reading this confirms he was right...
EDIT* i will edit this cus i remember, his original post said microsoft wanted to destroy the ps3s webbrowser by making the ps3 way slower. wow, people said why would microsoft risk such a thing, and if this turns out to be true, goodbye it is DOUBLE EDIT* wow, i was so interested in this story, i went and found the forum post, it went to 11 pages before it got locked, but the OP was dead on if this is true. http://forums.gametrailers....

Sasanova5046d ago

from the countless lawsuits against microsoft for their greed and monopoly way of business, to the stealing of Sonys cell processor design and what not, this isnt really surprising

Obama5046d ago (Edited 5046d ago )

"The log also stated that their Xbot agents are recruiting more halo players to create forum accounts on various videogame sites and downplay the PS3 after they played Killzone 2.
I found a very interesting file one of my friends showed me. He goes on a forum dedicated to programing and hacking. I can't give you the file or link, because its property from microsoft. But it's a chat log from a employee at microsoft. Announcing a new division in Xbox's marketing department. The log explains how they finally found a way to get into the big black box with some interesting new codes. And that within a year, the Xbox will become the default system. The log also says that they are now moving onto finding ways into the blue section of the box. I'm guessing they were talking about BLU-RAY. The log also stated that their Xbot agents are recruiting more halo players to create forum accounts on various videogame sites and downplay the PS3 after they played Killzone 2."

Now this may be wild, but remember MS spent quite a lot of money on viral marketing, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it recruited people aka editors to downplay ps3 games. Thanks for posting this, bubble up.

Obama5046d ago

Here's a post from another member

"The 2nd part I know for sure is true, because when I had an Xbox, and was a member of the forums, members tried recriuting me to go around reporting glitches and bricking for PS3 versions of multi-plats, all PS3 exclusives, and after every PS3 firmware releases. I said yes to the guy, but obviously never did so. In fact I went around the internet reporting it, but everyone just called me a lying fanboy, and wrote off what I had been witness to. I've told my story in MANY MANY places, with nearly identical results everywhere. People are incredibly blind to the spite M$ has for Sony, and the spite they have somehow programed into 360 users.

As for the first part. I don't doubt it. In fact I use my PS3 as my main browser and over the last couple weeks, my performance on the web has been all screwed up. So perhaps I hit a site with this supposed virus. But that's just speculation really. It could be anything. I'd like to see some hard proof of this, but the fact that I know 100% for sure that the 2nd part is true, it lends credibility to the 1st part. If this is true, I'm hoping Sony has some kind of mole inside M$ and can get their hands on this "virus" and counter it in a firmware. I really hope that part isn't true. If I found out that it is......well, I'll be organizing a class action suit against M$, and if we can't get it to go through, then I can not be held resposible for my actions. Amazing that supposed "gamers" would support a company that would even THINK about doing something like this. That company, and anyone who supports it would be absolute FILTH, lowlifes of the lowest order to be sure. A bullet in the head and a shallow grave is more than they'd desrve if this were true. Which I pray it isn't. Could even M$ stoop to such a scumbag tactic? I wouldn't put it past them. They've been playing dirty pool (business) since the day the 360 launched."

pixelsword5046d ago (Edited 5046d ago )

I always seem to keep a bunch of windows open, so I naturally assumed that plus my new kaspersky was slowing down my video.

I'd be surprised if Microsoft would do something like this. I really like Microsoft as a company overall, so I'm taking this article with a grain of salt; but if this is true, I don't know...

...maybe a class action lawsuit or something.


I don't remember adding that but I do remember seeing it (from somewhere), but it's not in the "get add-ons", list. Check your tools < add-ons menu and see if it's there; you can possible remove it if it's in the menu still. I don't see it myself, but I don't know if added it already... it's not showing up if I did. :\

Snoogins5046d ago

Believing anything you read immediately on the internet is a strong case of naivety, however, to immediately dismiss something for being far-fetched is equal parts stupidity and ignorance, which ignorance is one of the most common issues in this world. Honestly, judging from Microsoft's track record this doesn't surprise me. However, someone who is reluctant to truly expose this or even submit his or her "proof" to Sony isn't doing themselves any favours if they want to be held as credible. Remember, it's only libel if it isn't true.

Tony P5046d ago

I'm sorry, but even though I realize business is a cut-throat world, I can't buy this BS without proof.

I read through that entire stupid thread on Gametrailers and there exists no single shred of evidence supporting that conspiracy theory. Anyone can claim they were approached on a forum, but smart people know how to screen cap for proof. It ain't hard. Also, I'm not sure how this article has anything whatsoever to do with this PS3 hacking agenda let alone how it can be taken as evidence of a plot.

I don't doubt this article's veracity on the subject at hand. The update may very well stealth install some MS crap. MS isn't above that at all. But the rest of this tripe needs to offer up some evidence or go the way of JFK and UFOs.

prowiew5046d ago

MMM.. Maybe they installed something to brainwash me to hate firefox. Im a firefox user and supporter but lately im hating it. Its getting slower and buggier. To confirm the brainwash, 3 days ago I downloaded Internet explorer 8 beta, and im loving it.

Maddens Raiders5045d ago

you come across something on N4G that is truly fascinating. That is why I will always remain a member of this site. Great posts everyone.

Megaton5045d ago

It's pretty damn underhanded if true, even by Microsoft's standards. Makes me wanna use my Mac more often.

majorsuave5045d ago

Firefox is open source. Technically, anyone, including MS, can add code to it. Besides, a .NET framework assistant is probably a mean to allo .NET programmers see their work behave the same on FF that it does on IE.

Nothing to see here

ExcelKnight5045d ago

Firefox being Open Source actually means anyone can freely add open source content to its base code, not create add-ons that can't be removed. This is most definitely on the side of hijacking a program they don't have any rights to.

Here's hoping the Mozilla team actually finds a way to block this in the future.

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Dark_James5046d ago

That seems really weird, and really it should be approved by the user, or at least mentioned in the Microsoft documentation. I'm curious as to what it does now...

strongbad14415046d ago

The only thing I've noticed is that Firefox takes about ten minutes to open up on my system. It has forced me to revert to IE 7, and I am not happy about it.

Tsalagi5046d ago

Me too, unfortunately. It caused Firefox to run at 300,000K or more within minutes of turning it on. I had to start using Google Chrome it got so bad.

strongbad14415046d ago

I uninstalled Firefox, then I downloaded it from Mozilla again, and I think the problem has gone away.

Lord Anubis5046d ago

i don't know if it was the plug-in but Firefox acted weird a day or so ago. I had to end the processes which was also at around 300+

Tsalagi5046d ago (Edited 5046d ago )

Didn't work though. They made sure what ever they did to my pc stuck.

@Lord Anubis

Well that kinda confirms it was something the update did and not a random incident.

Obama5046d ago

so basically this update slows down the firebox browser 10 times? If that is true, then MS is in very big trouble. Spread the word ppl.

Electricear5046d ago

My work computer's firefox had started acting very oddly with in the past month. For example it would randomly hang while opening web pages, and started taking a lot longer to start. Now I'm curious if this may be the cause, as it also is about the time I did my last windows update.

Dark_James5044d ago

Tsalagi, you said you've switched to Google Chrome. I would recommend downloading and compiling it yourself, for if you download the version Google has released, you're bound the the TOS, which apparently states that anything you do over Google Chrome is property of Google O.o

Just what I've heard, so I thought I'd inform you.

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Elven65046d ago

Well I don't know if the Firefox team can post and lawsuits solely because of the way their browser was built. The article doesn't mention what the plugin does, what if Microsoft wants to expand Firefox functionality has a gateway drug to bring people to Internet Explorer like they do with the Mac?

Cheeseknight285046d ago (Edited 5046d ago )

Really strange addon. Though I have my doubts that Microsoft actually did this, it's more likely that a hacker / disgruntled Mozilla worker slipped this in and tried to pin the blame on Microsoft. But I guess anything is possible.

Luckily I do not have this installed on my Firefox so I don't have to deal with it.

Edit: Thanks Lord Anubis, that's pretty bizarre to be sure.

Lord Anubis5046d ago (Edited 5046d ago )

this was installed with the new .net framework SP1. Part of Microsoft's auto update.

Kyur4ThePain5046d ago

I wonder where this will lead.

Godmars2905046d ago (Edited 5046d ago )

Me going to Linux for one.

Seriously, its impossible to think that MS would either try something like this much less make it so blatantly obvious and traceable back to them.

If this ever manages to hit the popular press, they're done.

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