Dawn of War II Unit Guide: Ork Heroes

The Xenos that battle against the Imperium of Man are varied and there are none more bloodthirsty and numerous as the Orks. They are split into clan after clan, battling within and without and they will flock to any conflict in large numbers. When they are not squabbling amongst themselves the Orks will heed the call of a WAAAGH, a holy jihad-like crusade that will gather the clans united and every Warboss in the sector will come running for a piece of the action.

In Dawn of War 2 the Orks are a hardy fighting force, numerous and extremely dangerous when they advance their tech level. They are great for a player that is fond of getting into the thick of it and doesn't worry too much about losing units in the early stages of the game. Most Ork squads are cheap and brutal. Their abilities are powered by WAAAGH and they accumulate it quickly in combat.

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