Playstation Home Trademark Found

Following yesterday's news of Sony's rumored mii/achievements service, gamers got to digging around the trademark office and found Playstation Home!

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aaquib24274d ago

it would be awesome as a surprise, but Im sure this is really pissing Sony off right now.

Killer Cop4274d ago

People are always spoiling! And I hate it! F*ck who ever did this!!!11

FreeMonk4274d ago

Wow! Sony are up to there stealing ways again I see. Stealing the ideas of Achievements from the X360 and the ideas of creating a Mii from the Wii.

When will Sony start coming up with some ideas of there own instead of stealing from everyone else!

I love ya Sony, I really do, but it's getting embarrising now!

Killer Cop4274d ago

Lol, if someone is stealing ways it's Microsoft. Who was suddenly making a new video game console after PS2? Even though when they had stated at some time, they were not interested in the console market.

power of Green 4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Don't count MS out of the coping race yet sure the PS3 is more other companies ideas than their own, in this generation not from 2-4 back but lets wait untill MS/Peter Moore comes out with news about what he said the other day about MS wanting to follow in Wii's foot steps so to speak.

We know MS's not doing the Wiimote so it could be anything from Child games, soft image, family friendly ads or possibly Virtual content.

Hype wars: the battle of who can keep the secrets the longest.

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