Firing Squad: New York Comic Con 2009 Game Preview

Firing Squad writes: "The New York Comic Con is in full swing this weekend, and while hardly known as a game showcase, NYCC has become a place for developers to generate some buzz for upcoming summer releases between the holiday blitz and E3 in June. We took a quick jaunt across the lovely state of New Jersey to stop by and take a look at some upcoming games from Activision, Sega, THQ, EA, and others to see how 2009 is shaping up. While there wasn't a huge amount of games on display, we were pretty impressed with the few we saw and even got some hands-on time with games like Prototype, Red Faction: Guerilla, Jumpgate: Evolution, Champions Online, and even the just announced Battlefield 1943. Read on to hear our initial impressions of the games we'll all be playing in 2009."

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