66 Pages of Microsoft Evilness

Today's exhibit, Exhibit plex_2456 [PDF], contains the accompanying notes from a presentation delivered by James Plamondon and his colleague, Marshall Goldberg. These are the transcripts from a presentation they both gave.

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Liquid Snake3566d ago

Whats this about it? It literally is 66 pages, i'm not going to read all that.

Whoever submited this give me the gist of it.

GiantEnemyCrab3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

"blah blah blah blah MS are evil corporate pigs "

"blah blah blah blah Windows is a poison to computers"

"blah blah blah blah Use Linux"

These people are like the SDF for operating systems.

Lord Anubis3566d ago

it's actually about Microsoft's practices. Like when they released vista they gave out Ferrari Laptops to the reviewers essentially pretty much forcing them to give good reviews about vista. Same thing with Halo 3. The article does not contain all 66 pages but it focuses on some of the things.

DJ3566d ago

Getting all defensive there, buddy. Too bad Sony and Linux weren't mentioned in this article. But at least we got to see your insecurities. Have a great day!

gamesmaster3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

crab you're one sensitive dude, do you work for microsoft? do you have shares? lighten up. you think microsoft give a **** about any of us. they have money to make.

TheTwelve3566d ago

I REALLY think GiantEnemyCrab works for Microsoft. No, I really believe it now.


JsonHenry3566d ago

Lol, you mean to tell me they do THE EXACT SAME THING EVERY OTHER COMPANY DOES?!?!?!?


Come on. Seriously, not defending MS (or any other company) but this is business as usual for all big name companies.

Tony P3566d ago

Eye-opening to some, business as usual to others. Just don't be naive enough to think MS invented or is the sole proprietor of these kinds of tactics.

They're ugly and widely available, unfortunately.

GiantEnemyCrab3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Okay drama queens cool your jets. =) I'm not here to stick up for MS I am just familiar with this website and how they work. No, they didn't mention Linux in this article just review the other articles on this site.

DJ: Who mentioned Sony? I didn't. I know they are always on your mind and maybe you should look at your own insecurities fella.

Twelve: As much as you work for Sony.

thewhoopimen3566d ago

I hardly found anything in this article "slandering" MS as you seem to have implied. In fact, most of it were excerpts coming out from the horse's mouth. It's horrible reading this stuff. Play like the nice guy while pushing windows agendas and ruining your competition's venues. MS really isn't about playing fair. They're are ruthless.

"I’m just too nice of…OK. So you want to love those conferences to death. I’ve killed at least two Mac conferences. First there was the Mac App Developers Conference. I was on the Board of Directors of the Mac App Developers Association long ago, and after I left I worked to try to turn it into a cross-platform developers conference, and I did. I managed to make it.. their last conference was very cross-platform, both Windows and Macintosh, which of course turned off their Macintosh audience; half of the conference was irrelevant to them. They didn’t care about Windows. They were a bunch of Mac guys. Which diluted the value of the conference."

"So by injecting Microsoft content into the conference, the conference got shut down. The guy who ran it said, why am I doing this? I’m losing money on it every year anyway. Screw Apple, they don’t need my help. And so the conference died, so that’s two. I’m working on two other Mac conferences now. "

TheTwelve3566d ago

I wish I worked for Sony. :(


pswi603565d ago

I mean come on. Wikipedia has a whole page dedicated to Microsoft's shady business practices.

If you are going to defend MS, you are no different than the Sony fanboys you so despise. The difference is Sony fanboys actually know when they are getting screwed and fight back.

You MS guys just take it up the backside over and over again, and act like it's the other guys fault.

Wake up man.

Pixel_Addict3565d ago

No, you are completely wrong. Not all companies use sleazy tactics to undermine the FREE MARKET. Guess what, if this WAS ok to manipulate the market.. then it really isn't a free market. Anti-trust laws were created for a reason.

Now lets say you jsonhenry had real ambitions and purpose and wanted to start up an independent company to create software that would compete with Microsoft, and then Microsoft uses resources to undermine you from selling to all the venders and companies or just out right steal your IP or product out from under you.

Could you fight back? Nope, they've got the money and the people to stop you from releasing competing product... that damages the economy when individuals are unable to get a fair shake at success.

But you've got no such plans or even empathy for those who aspire to be more than you are.

GWAVE3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

That section about controlling the press sounds very similar to what Microsoft is doing now in the video game industry. I quote directly:

"So that’s how you use journals that we control. The ones that third parties control, like the WinTech Journal, you want to infiltrate. You want to get yourself onto the advisory committee that picks out which authors are published and which ones aren’t, or which topics are covered and over these special issues, things like that. Just be so helpful that they can’t do without you, and then make sure that things go your way. Just help those magazines like crazy. Encourage new writers."

Oh, and I love the part about inventing facts:

"if you don’t have any evidence to support them, create it. Find some third-party vendor who will say that this is true. Do an independent third-party study that will support those arguments. Create the evidence you need, don’t just rely on it to come out of the ether. Don’t just wait for somebody to write the article that says it’s true. Find somebody. Say if you’ll do this for me, I’ll do this for you. Get it done. Then you’ve got your data points. So create the evidence you need. "

You hear that? "Create the evidence you need", he says. Hmmmm. Sales numbers? Hardware capabilities? Market penetration? I wonder how much evidence has been fabricated under these guidelines.

It's easy to label Microsoft haters as "Sony fanboys" or "Mac fanboys", but that's a cop-out. Microsoft's business practices are terrible, and no, it's not "what everyone else is doing in the business". It's NOT what Sony is doing. It's NOT what Apple is doing. Period. Microsoft -- as a company -- has been sued for their business practices more than all the other major software companies combined.

Let that sink in.

As a gamer, do you want to support a company like that?

Consoldtobots3565d ago

Help people. Help people as much as you can, because then they owe you a favor. One of the first things I did when I started doing evangelism to the Mac community is, I started giving stuff away like crazy. Sending them the compiler; sending them the STK, sending them documentation. I had this thing that got to be known as the Plamondon Love Kit. It was this big, heavy box full of books and compilers and goodies, and Mac developers started talking about the Plamondon Love Kit, and how, you know, if you sent off to James and said that you were going to do something on Windows, he’d send you this Plamondon Love Kit. And Apple was just—arrggh, like that, because they couldn’t afford to give stuff away like that. It was very irritating to them. But then they owed me. tight? Then all those guys owed me something, and I was able to get quotes and some things out of them in return. So you want to help people so that they owe you back.

"PS3 is a waste of time"
"The RSX is weaker than the xenos"
"BLuray is not needed"
"HDMI is not needed"
"built in wifi is not needed"
"multiplatform titles perform better on the 360"

lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies

Jinxstar3565d ago

how does crab still have bubbles. Multiple accounts? Seriously. With as many disagrees and as few agree's as he always has it makes no sense at all.

skimming3565d ago

If not then whatever their faults, they can't be considered evil. Let's not treat mere greed and poor business practice as "evil."

This type characterization will now mean that normative, marginal, and illegal BUSINESS PRACTICES can be characterized in the same manner as we characterize truly evil acts such as ... (you fill in the blanks: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Il Song, etc.).

Let's reserve those special words for those special acts so that they remain special in our minds. Otherwise we run the risk of Microsoft == Evil == Hitler == Stalin == Walmart == whatever some idiot thinks up at the moment.

pain777pas3565d ago

You keep your head in the sand Bill not the head of M$ will be its downfall.

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DreamcastFanboy3566d ago

I wonder how many people will read all 66 pages of this.

xwabbit3566d ago

I wont that's 4 sure lol

ZombieNinjaPanda3566d ago

This only got approved because of the title.

No normal person would read all of this.

dylandurden3566d ago

I will.

Maybe I'm not normal, lol. XD

rhood0223566d ago

Except the article doesn't cover all 66 pages. If looks at specific parts of the document categorized under easy to follow headlines.

There is a PDF of the 66 pages if you are really curious.

snipermk03566d ago

What happened to the rest 34 !? U do realize 100 makes a round figure. :D

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