Where To Go Next: No More Heroes

Siliconera writes:

"Let's look back to the past for a minute. Back to 2006, when the Wii was still considered a "fad" and the best core third-party game we had on the system was Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. Back when EA wasn't prepping a Boom Blox sequel and a Wii version of Dead Space. Back when MadWorld and The Conduit didn't exist. Developers refused to take risks on the Wii and instead of good games that took advantage of the console's radically new input device, what we received were buggy PS2 ports and a wider variety of shovelware than we cared for.

It was a depressing situation to say the least, and one that the enthusiast press didn't do much to help by constantly ripping on the Wii's hardware, which was weaker than that of its competitors."

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