Wii Sales Fall in Japan

Has the Wii's bubble finally burst? Sales figures from Japanese retailers show the Wii is the only console to show negative growth over the last week.

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Cool Hwhip5351d ago

Wii>All in Japan.

Nothing but the facts.

PoSTedUP5351d ago (Edited 5351d ago )

PoSTradamus has predicted this long ago and has stated that wii sales will eventually decline.

heroicjanitor5351d ago (Edited 5351d ago )

No sh!t... If I predicted that would you have quoted me? I also predicted that the ps2 sales would eventually decline

Chris3995350d ago

I love knee-jerk analysts.

I'm sure the Wii will be fine once the next Mario/ WiiParty/ whatever comes out.

I'll wait another month or so before assuming it's a trend.

DRE19705351d ago

after 3 month of it. just about every body i know let it collect dust agree or disgree

heroicjanitor5351d ago (Edited 5351d ago )

People who had a 360/ps3 let it collect dust. I had two friends who only had wiis, one let it collect dust after brawl but the other kept playing it til Christmas. They both have ps3s now one got it just last week(he was forced to since his wii was never used and he wants Killzone 2 and Resistance 2) the other got it just before Christmas(for LBP), one is now trying to sell his wii, the other(guy who got it for LBP) plays both but the ps3 far more.

Edit: It's not a big deal though, since most people probably have one, regardless of whether they use it or not and it is still outselling the others. Hope the ps3 overtakes it soon.

TheExodus5351d ago

Japan may have been down 8 percent, but North America was up 87 percent. My guess is Nintendo shipped everything they had across the Pacific, maybe they're testing demand for another production increase? Regardless, with Deadly Creatures & House of Dead: Overkill hitting store shelves in the States this week Japan doesn't need any Wiis :)

snipermk05351d ago

And what happened to those 4 people that had an Xbox 360 in japan?

TheFART at Xbotkings5351d ago

i think 3 of them got RROD and the forth one thought it was a myth.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi5351d ago

1 person buys a xBox 360 in Japan...a week later...RRoD...gets another new 1...a week later...RRoD...gets another new 1...a week later(He is never going to finish that RPG game he got at this rate!!!)...gets another 1...
There is your 4 xBox 360 sales in Japan!!! ;-D

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