Is Gamer Culture the New Pop Culture?

It isn't the first time that counter-culture has made its way into the mainstream-does "flower power" ring any bells?-but to what extent has video game culture been inducted into the houses of pre-pubescent hipsters around the globe?

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krouse933541d ago

yes it is and since she's playing online it grew 10 fold.

Tempist3541d ago

Don't be ignornat. Gaming has long since been a part of popculture. More so since Mario but starting with Pong.

Foxgod3541d ago

If your not a gamer, then your a loser.

krouse933541d ago

yea i really don't know anyone who does not like video games.

xTruthx3541d ago

There has 2 be at least 1 in the world who doesn't like game lol

Tony P3541d ago

Yeah, games are much more popular than before, but not so popular that everyone plays them. Maybe popular enough that people have some passing familiarity with mainstays like Mario or Donkey Kong.

It's just a hobby and I know plenty of men, women, boys, and girls who haven't bothered and aren't "losers" for it.

What's better is that we don't automatically consider gamers as nerds these days. I'm noticing that.

ThanatosDMC3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

I know a bunch of people that are not into videogames like i am not into music. I really could care less about music... i never saw the point in it. "I dont wanna hear about your life. Just go kill yourself." <-- my idea of emo music.

Music that have lyrics anyway...

Music Video everybody loves:

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Covenant3541d ago

Fringe cultures being subsumed into the mainstream? Has this ever happened before?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to my house, er, hisouse, um, hizzle, er, hizizzle, um, flippity-floppity floop. :)


Simple Jack3541d ago

i would tear that girl in the picture UPPP.

Sharpshell3541d ago

the mainstream aspect of gaming is actually having a negative effect on the authentic gamers IMO. And its what makes me most upset this generation. Becasue its not ALL gaming that becomes mainstream, its the Wii and Halo that are mainstream aceptable, I see it all the time at school, if girls play wii or frat guys play halo its not geeky but if I play MGS4 it is. And theres nothing wrong with the Wii or Halo, but I hate how more and more games change to reflect those games as a way to earn mainstream aproval but at hte lose of the variety and unique qualities different games used to have. LEading to peopel complaining about re5s "broken" controls because they arnt enough like GeOW a more mainstream title? Shouldn't they be different? So we have two great games instead of 1.5?