EA says They'll Continue to Take Risks in 09

After experiencing disappointing sales for some of their original properties released last year, and even after losing $641 million in the holiday quarter and announcing 1,100 layoffs, Electronic Arts still insists that they plan to take just as many risks in 2009 as they did in 2008.

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shadowghost7523591d ago

if that means they make some great games like dead space and mirrors edge then go for it, i thoroughly enjoyed those games and i want to see what they have up their sleeves in 09

Kamikaze1353591d ago

This is why I love EA. They aren't afraid to take risks. Even in this recessions they'll continue to take risks. They have balls to do something like that, but I'm glad they're willing to do it.

killzone2flop3591d ago

Confirmed no Mass Effect 2 for PS3.

The gaming GOD3591d ago

Because that makes ZERO sense to me

The gaming GOD3591d ago

Hear me out on this one fellas. We got used to EA milking things for years. And as a result, most of the gamers and media alike have scorned and mocked them. BUT, milking things was making them money.

But now that Riteciello is their president, they've tried to innovate (army of two, mirror's edge, dead space). Normally, that is a wonderful thing. They are starting to make good games and the fans and media alike are giving them more respect. HOWEVER, sales aren't what they should have been for some of their innovative games and as a result they are making less money.

And with this financial stranglehold the world is in right now, the EA we all hated (the milkers) would have been better suited for survival rather than this EA we are starting to respect (the innovators).

I applaud that they will keep trying to innovate. I just hope they don't lose too much money from it.

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The story is too old to be commented.