How to locate your lost iPhone? iHound is all you need

iHound from Daveworld, Inc. is an application to hunt down the person who dare to steal your iPhone or iPod touch or let's just say it's an application that helps you get back your lost iPhone. The web-based mapping tool uses Wi-Fi and GPS location to track your iPhone wherever it maybe.

iHound is one revolutionary application that optimizes your chances of recovering your lost or stolen iPhone. The tracking is accurate up to the extend locating the building where your device is being used. This app is a scare to iPhone thieves and a savior for people who tend to misplace their devices very often. Whenever the iHound application is opened, the location info is automatically sent to iHound server.

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IllusionRSN3565d ago

This happened to my wifes iPhone. AT&T said that they would of needed a court order from the judge to track the phone. Wish we had an application like this.

Tempist3564d ago

Also only works when the phone is hooked into a computer with the internet. You can perform the hacks offline as well as online.

solidt123564d ago

AT&T sucks. You can track any Sprint phone yourself online at anytime if you please.

Trebius3564d ago

An App like this would be perfect to purposely see at your workplace who would steal things from co-workers. I would track it down and bring a machete.

LoVeRSaMa3564d ago

This App looks amazing!

They should have a iFriend Locate, where you can see the location of all your friends with an iPhone, that would be awesome =D

IWentBrokeForGaming3564d ago

as there is a app that does the same thing available for my T-Mobile G1.

and to LOVER, there is also a app for the G1 that lets your track ALL your friends regardless of cellphone brand/carrier... although I think that stuff is extremely creepy!

solidt123564d ago

Agreed. I found out about Sprints service the wrong way. My girlfriend was tracking my phone. My advice it to only setup online account if you have teen kids that you need to keep up with.(your own of course)

ambientFLIER3564d ago

Ouch. What were you doing while she was tracking you?

Half-Mafia3564d ago

so the person who stole the phone has to run the ihound app so they can tell u where ur phone is

yeh this is a great app. lmao