PS3's European marketing drive begins

Sony today kicks off its GBP6m campaign ahead of PS3's UK launch on March 23rd.

Campaign highlights include:

* A total cross-media spend of £6m
* TV ads to hit 44m individuals by the end of May. First ad set for March 16th
* Cinema campaign to target 12m admissions. First ads hit today
* Online promotions to total 40m impacts

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LSDARBY4249d ago

Cant wait to see some tv ads, im goin to the cinema 2moro so hope to see an advert

Gamer luv4249d ago

After seeing there trailer for Blu Ray, (Names Playsation 3 TV AD)
I dont think id be bothered.
Was the dullest 45 seconds of my life.

Whoooop4249d ago

Even tho i think you hate PS3, i'll have to say your right..

After watching that commercial i had to run to the bathroom to take a [email protected]#t.. So much time with uncreative stupidity to say something they could have shown with written words and some nice effects for bout 10 seconds..

Pardon my English

techie4249d ago

Nah there are some great ps3 adds. I love the womans voice and it creates something magical. I have to say that the blu-ray one was slightly weak though. But the others for the sixaxis, the cell and HD are spot on and create intrigue.

Torch4249d ago

I'm curious to see how my hometown's handling the launch.

techie4249d ago

Is Italy a town? Wow. (kidding)

Torch4249d ago

Perhaps from an E.U. perspective, it could be.

The only problem is that you'd never know who the mayor is because they keep changing them every week.

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