Killzone 2 to have a TV commercial Confirmed on Playstation Blog.

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bball230 | February 8th, 2009 at 12:49 pm
Questions for GOW 3
2:Muliplayer? how developed?
3:We have been told Uncharted 2 will "at times use 100% of the ps3s power, same with killzone 2, will GOW 3 TOP both of these games use of power? Will it use all of the cores?
4:We have seen that Sonys big titles each have fairly good home support.. will GOW3?
PS: we were told by a killzone 2 dev at least 2 weeeks ago that "soon" we would see killzone 2 ads everywhere… well its really getting late.. sony needs to be advertising NOW like YESTERDAY..
Please tell me you guys will show us some of the new ads here on the blog next week as they go live … next week? (we heard eu.. had a 2million pounds budget.. whats the USs?

Jeff Rubenstein replied on February 8, 2009 at 1:30 pm
We will debut the North American KZ2 ad here before it hits TV.

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krouse933537d ago

I can't wait to see the TV add :)

RPG Guy3537d ago

*sigh* you really need to learn what the term "advertise" means and what it can do for your business portfolio. EPIC FAIL that there has been no Killzone 2 commercials yet promoting the game and the pre-order demo. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. Time for you to man up Sony. Yes, you have 1.1 million pre-orders in EU (supposedly), what about NA? The only region you are truly getting KILLED in by the 360? Shooter-happy NA where you weren't able to make a break-through with R2 thanks to your emphasis on actors and art over the freaking GAME!

Time to put out an ad. Time to focus on THE GAME. Time to leave art in the dust and start focusing on the product, sales...Killzone 2 is too good to get a shoddy ad treatment foobs!

PataponKnight3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

The only thing that is an EPIC FAIL is your lamea$$ whiney baby rant.

RPG Guy3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Thanks PataponKnight. Another PRIME example of how any anti-Sony comment on this site, no matter how OBVIOUS it is, gets any member of this site freaking bashed. YOU SUCK.

Look, honestly, any freaking N4G member no more than partially blind can tell ya that the biggest reason given by both Sony haters AND Sony lovers for PS3s iffy numbers is marketting. And so I bash them for one of the most obvious issues stated by both fans and countless articles posted here from actual credible sources, and morons like you come after me.

DID YOU NOT SEE THAT I SAID THEY NEED TO DO IT FOR THE FACT THAT THE GAME IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! God you Sony masterbaiters need to read entire comments. F'n retards. Can't play both sides of the fence on N4Sony Fanboys anymore.

EDIT: Hey look! PataponKnight! Someone else saying similar things:

"I swear...Sony's Marketing team are just a bunch of free loading potheads.(much like myself) But they don't do a damn thing and they still get their weekly paychecks.

Wish they would just get fired.Let some of those talented people who make clips on Youtube and gametrailers do the commercials."

- ThatCanadianGuy420

A fellow Canadian who obviously isn't as F'n retarded as you.

Here's some more F*cktard:

"Wow their just now getting ads out? I figured there were already some and I just wasn't seeing them. "


Why don't you go call them lameass and whiney for saying the obvious. What? Cause they don't have an f'n Star Ocean advatar? Maybe cause they're not as obvious supporters of BOTH consoles as I am?

Another EDIT: I suggest reading Trebius down a few comments PataponKnight. Might open your eyes and mind to the obvious flaws of your God, Sony.

Alcon3537d ago

2million pounds budget for all Europe? Thats not really a lot...

Shoduke3537d ago

How many videogames do you see get advertised on TV 3 WEEKS before it's RELEASE? Even Halo 3 (possibly biggest launch EVER) only started advertising on air less than 3 weeks before launch. It would be a huge waste of money to advertise a video game 3 weeks before it's launch, let alone it's demo.


heyheyhey3537d ago


not for the whole of Europe... just the UK

cryymoar3537d ago

How many commercials have you ever made for your video games?
How many best selling consoles have you ever made?
How many best selling games have you ever made?
Have you ever helped pull an entire country out of post-war hardships?

No. You don't know what's best for Sony, only Sony knows what's best for Sony.

Oh, and Sony ISN'T getting killed in NA. Also remember that the market isn't about NA only. Is that why all you can talk about IS NA? Ha, because that's all that matters to you xbox kids.

PataponKnight3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

RPG Guy cry me a river will ya. You've clearly taken some random comment to heart and are overrecting. I just responded in that manner to your comment because I'm tired of everybody trying to play financial advisor for a multi-billion dollar company. Sony didn't get to where they are listening to nobodies like you.

Amen Apena.

CrazzyMan3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

RPG GUY - why do you even care???

Over 3,5 mln. Resistance 1 in 2 years.
Around 1,5 mln. Resistance 2 in 3 months.
Around 4,5 mln. MGS4 in half a year.
Over 2 mln. LBP in 3 months.
Over 3,5 mln. Motorstorm in 2 years.
Around 1,5 mln. Motorostorm:PR in 3 months.
Over 2,5 mln. Uncharted in 1 year.

What else do you want?

Mr_Miyagi3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Fact #1 Sony has done an absolute lousy job at marketing the PS3.

Fact #2 Marketing is information therefore NO marketing = no information which in the end transitions to no sale.

Fact #3 There are 10's of millions of consumers out there that still have no idea wtf Killzone 2 is... Hell, let alone what the PS3 actually does other than play Blu-ray DVD's and Video games.

Fact #4 I'm tired of getting bashed by my 360 friends trying to make the sale for SONY myself. Quit relying on people like myself to convince consumers to buy the damn thing because Im out numbered 10-1 out here in the states. Unless you want to start cutting me a check for advertising for you.

RPG Guy3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

How many games get advertised three weeks before release? Try GTAIV, hell even Lost Planet got that treatment. Why deny it? Cause Sony's exclusive (most of which I've bought) have sold SOOOOOOOOO well in comparison. Give it a break. Where's all that R2 sales data that was supposed to compete with Gears 2 hmmmm????

I can't wait to play Killzone 2 and MOST OF ALL YOU BLIND, DUMB F'N DROIDS, I want the game to SUCCEED! What the F do you not understand about my posts....*sigh*

And with that, I'll just give it up. Hard to get through to you savage fanboys on N4Sony-Droids

I'll just see you all online in KZ2 come the end of the month and put out some punishment then for being fanboys. Till then, I'll enjoy my PS360 gaming that doesn't limit me to waiting and bickering till the next exclusive you'll play for a couple hours *cough Heavenly Sword* *cough, Ninja Gaiden II* *cough 5-6 hours* to come out.

Bye droids.

p.s. Apena.....*sigh* worldwide for Sony = good. 2:1 holidays for 2 straight years in NA = bad. Nope, not killed at all....idiot. And many $30-40 million budget products (movies or games) released just after the Superbowl DON'T advertise during the game...hmm, that would be 3 or more weeks before it's release. Missed opportunity....hmmm. Maybe? Idiot.

boodybandit3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Open zone is that a way ----------->

ultimolu3537d ago

RPG guy, I don't know who ran over your cat but you need to calm down.

You're going a bit too far with this console war...

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interrergator3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

nice nice nice more more more ads flood all channels

BMS843537d ago

I think they will launch it 12th feb.

krouse933537d ago

Why whats special about February 12th

fanboi hater3537d ago

My Birthday!!! :)

But anyways i can't wait for these adds hopefully they're similar to the bullet ballet

ThatArtGuy3537d ago

Feb 12th is Lincoln's birthday.

OhReginald3537d ago

did anyone get a chance to see the Street Fighter IV commercial? It was UTTER SH*T....horrible choice of music. It actually made me want to drown kittens instead of purchasing SFIV....i think they used slipknot or something....ew

snipermk03537d ago

SONY better advertise NOWWWW

DNAgent3537d ago

They have been advertising. MGS4, LBP, & Resistance 2 all had commercials.

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