WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Pretty in pink

WoW Insider writes:

"After Sheut and Macorgrim of <Malice> on Scarlet Crusade were late to Naxx one too many times, their guildmate Artema vowed to track them down. Their trail led her to Undercity, where she discovered their secret pasttime. "While the rest of us were hard at work, eating up our buffs, drinking elixirs, they were re-enacting Chippendales acts," Artema wrote. "Do you know if Blizzard covers brain bleach?" For their part, Macorgrim blamed a raging Insane Strength Potion addiction, while Sheut revealed that he never wanted to be a death knight. He wanted to be ... a lumberjack! Don't worry, guys -- it's a refreshing change to see male Hordies who aren't afraid to wear something other than massive, impractical armor covered with spikes and skulls."

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