Killzone 2 dev cut from same cloth as Gears of War

Gears of War has been praised for its graphical powers throughout the industry for some time now. However, there is a new kid on the block called Killzone 2, which blows away anything seen on the consoles to date. It may not come as a surprise, but the lead developer of Killzone 2 is cut from the very same cloth as the lead designer of Gears of War.

As many of you may already know, the lead designer for the Gears of War series is none other than Cliff Bleszinski. However, another name that might become a geek-household name is Arjan Brussee, the development director for Killzone 2.

Unbeknownst to most, Arjan Brussee worked together with Cliff Bleszinski back in 1994 on a little title called Jazz Jackrabbit for the PC. Those were the good old days when games were executed from the DOS prompt like Doom. The awesome title turned many heads back in day when collecting shareware discs with 2000 games on them were popular.

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shadowghost7523565d ago

I dont see this ending very well, it only takes one fanboy to start off a whole flame war

chaosatom3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

"Ironically, Bleszinski is also working on the best looking Xbox 360 game to date, while Brussee is working on the best looking PS3 game to date."

Corrected version. "while Brussee is working on the best looking Console game to date."

I didn't even need to diss Gears 2, to start a flame war :)

ZootHornRollo3565d ago

the unreal engine is old and outdated it has a slow texture loading time and is just horrid.

gears only "looks" good it doesnt play good

uie4rhig3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

eventho i don't really play much on the 360 coz im a ps3 guy.. i need to counter argument that!

ZOMG GeoW2 is sooooooooo much more cooler than KZ2!! the graphics are like worlds apart! GeoW is like ray tracing compared to PS1 graphics !!!

rite fanboys!! rejoice.. i made the war sweet.. now it's your turn :D :P

*ducks under the table and puts flame suit on*
*prepares to have taken all his bubbles away*
*prepares to get thousands of disagrees and one or two agrees*

Freakwave0033565d ago

Battle of the weird names confirmed.

PirateThom3565d ago

Arjy B.

His name is now Arjy B.

pimp6143565d ago

graphics are much much better then Killzone 2.

callahan093565d ago

I disagree, but I clicked agree because I make that mistake a lot. Stupid mouse.

callahan093565d ago

And on another note, to the people who agreed with him, you are all fanboys. Yeah, that's right. Nothing but some funky tinted glasses could make you think that Gears of War is "much much better" looking than Killzone 2. Even if you think it looks better, there's no way in hell that anybody can legitimately argue that it's "much much" better. That's saying a lot, and it's simply not true, opinion or otherwise.

Aclay3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

"Gears of War
graphics are much much better then Killzone 2. "

LOL, keep lying to yourself if that's what makes you happy.

Killzone 2 has already been praised by many, including reviewers as the best looking Console game to date.

And for anyone not blown away by KZ2's visuals in the Demo, the Final Version will look much better than the Demo. Even Torrence Davis from The BitBag said that the KZ2 demo didn't look as good as the version that Sony showed at CES this year. Killzone 2's graphics surpasses Gears of War's and that's just the truth whether you like it or not.

jetlian3564d ago

gears is the texture king. KZ2 isn't even on uncharteds level when it come to textures. And the game doesn't even cover the whole screen! it has black borders on the corners.

like watching a small video file to make up for less power on your computer. The smaller the screen better it looks and plays. Only thing is the game doesn't even look better with it. the aiming is clunky not by choice more by limited rendering power. i have to play KZ2 on highest sensitivity and its still moves slow

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Raoh3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

why a fanboy war? its a decent article and something i didnt know.

as to the comment by "pimp614"

debatable.. this really shows how to get the best out of your console.

the 360 games like gears do a much better job of standard tv's. i applaud (mark this day i'm giving microsoft props) for demanding that all games look good on a standard 13" tube tv. add the fact that the best games on the 360 are (for lack of a better term) room based. what you see where your at is what you get. and many games on the 360 take advantage of that..

on the ps3 scale is the difference. more is done in the background. meaning its more of a landscape than a room. things happening in the weather, things happening in the background not game related but aesthetic. ability to run more action in a scene etc.

to those that will argue that let me pre reply to you.

a great game on the 360 with no jaggies etc. ported to the ps3 sucks. mainly do to the porting process. its made to work on 360 hardware and what IT can handle. and many companies have made magic with it. (if you havent noticed i hate microsoft and what microsoft did hardware wise with the 360, i dont hate the xbox brand). so little is done as far as settings but tons is done at the close up gameplay.

the ps3 may show jaggies and a few other flaws. but it can handle more enemies on screen, more weather patterns running at the same time etc. so graphics are suffered for a bit for more expansive environment. the only two game i can think of that play (visually) like the xbox 360 standard is mgs 4 and killzone 2 that look more than amazing on a standard tube tv. (excluding uncharted, its a different animal)

my point to all that? to say that killzone 2 or gears 2 looks way better than the other is a fanboy comment. on my standard tube 32 inch television (2 of my ps3's and hdtv's were stolen in december) both looked amazing. and on standard def thats saying a lot cause most games show why you need an hdtv.

if you cant see why gears 2 and killzone 2 are BOTH good looking games without dissing the other then you may

1. need to get your eyes checked. no seriously, its been proven/said that many people dont get their eyes checked and dont know if they have poor or poorer vision than a few years ago to appreciate high definition.

2. you have a crappy tv or a good tv but dont know how to calibrate it and cant tell if you have the right settings for black levels.

i challenge all future fanboy posters to give up the one liners and actually post a reason for their comments.

i love n4g but i'm slowly dropping it as a source for information due to all the fanboys.

(if you want to call me a fanboy, i'm slowly checking myself and trying to back away from my fanboy comments as well)

jetlian3564d ago

if ps3 could do all that why do multy's look worse? RE5 on ps3 has lower res textures than its 360 counterpart. porting has nothing to do with a texture. All textures are are images!!

Games run and play better on 360 becuz it has better hardware. porting isn't the cause its just the ps3 can't do what the 360 can. Which is why a lot of devs are starting to make games on ps3 first. that way they don't have to port down.

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