The Apocalypse of Gaming Journalism

TalkPlaystation: "I am going to put an end to to all this hatred towards HipHopGamer, he is just another individual writing for a site that he made. But some people don't seem to see it that way. They see him as a typical PS3 fanboy but what I don't get is that just because Planetxbox360 wrote that ridiculous article many other sites started to agree and disagree. When I started writing my previous post on this topic I didn't write it for traffic or to look good which a lot of people are saying that's why I did it. I did it because I believed that Planetxbox360 took it too far by posting it on N4G. They could of contacted him personally and sorted out some kind of agreement, but no they wanted to call him out and make him look like a jerk.

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gaffyh3538d ago

I agree with everything these guys are saying, it's disgusting to see such racism still existing to this day.

HHG speaks his mind and he is fairly unbiased, I respect him for that. (Just because he likes KZ2 it doesn't make him a fanboy).

tommy-cronin3538d ago

ya i know, it's sad to know that racism still progresses to this day, even in the gaming industry