Massively: The Daily Grind: Are you an in-game pack rat?

Massively writes:

"Hi everyone. My name is Krystalle Voecks, and I am an in-game pack rat. My bank in World of Warcraft holds tons of random things like tabards, trinkets, and a bunch of holiday clothing that I picked up along the way. In City of Heroes, my vault is maxed out with higher-end salvage which I'm stockpiling for the day when I settle down and start grinding IO Enhancements for the various badges. I'm also generally only one or two spots away from being full on Wentworths' as well. The same holds true in pretty much every MMO I play, from EverQuest to EVE Online. If I have a room, chances are I'm going to hold on to something just in case I can use it later. That said, it seems to be a pretty common problem from what I hear from talking to other players, so I know I'm not alone in holding on to things for sentimental or 'potentially useful someday' reasons."

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callahan093541d ago

Hahaha. Yes, yes I am. You should see my house in Megaton in Fallout 3. Every single desk, cabinet, even the fridge is jam-packed with weapons, armor, food, items, etc. I wish there was a faster way to scroll through your stuff. When I just want to go into my weapon cabinet and get out my Xiaolong Assault Rifle (fast, accurate, pretty powerful, I love that gun, but it's not the best in the game so I don't always use it), if I've not been running around with it for a while, it can take a looooong time to scroll all the way through all my weapons til I get to the bottom where that one is located. And I must have like... 300 combat shotguns haha.