Open Letter to MS Games Studios

Francois from is certainly not giving up as far as Microsoft Flight Simulator goes. He has just published an open letter to Phil Spencer at Microsoft, asking him to reconsider the decision to close Aces Studio.

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PirateThom3538d ago

Stupidest thing Microsoft Game Studios have ever done, by far. Hope this works, but know it won't.

Mindboggle3538d ago

Exactly, im just wondering why. Are they spending all their money on pointless exclusive DLC for games, or making crappy games like Banjo that dont sell. Or cutting all their profits in selling their console ridiculously cheap ??

I really hope MS sort themselves out and start making good exclusive games for windows and 360 instead of shutting down studios to cater for their bad business strategys.

Dpa3538d ago

MS are digging their own grave. Isolating their dedicated fan bases such as the Flight Simulator community in favour of raking in the easy 'casual' market bucks.

Microsoft are trying to imitate Nintendo, but Nintendo managed to pull it off by keeping their hardcore fanbase happy with new iterations of classic series.

JaggedSac3538d ago

M$ obviously thinks the pc games market is not the way to go from here for them.

IaMs123537d ago

Bring the flight simulators to the consoles as well then MS. Get the PC user fanbase happy and then as well as some of the 360.

free2game3653537d ago

you couldn't really do a flight sim game that would satisfying that community as a multiplat, the 360 would compromise the development of it too much technically and it wouldn't even have a market on the 360.

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Elven63538d ago

Good intentions although I doubt it will work, the license was already given to a new developer already.

flightsimx3538d ago

I can't believe even MS would throw the baby out with the bath water. Having said that, I can't believe what they did with Aces, so who knows...

Elven63538d ago

Mamba Games was given the rights to make DLC for the current Flight Sim so many assume they will also be making future titles.

flightsimx3538d ago

Ah, okay, so nothing's been confirmed then?

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Revvin3538d ago

At first glance it almost seems like MS want to pull away from the gaming side of things with so many studio's being closed but then they do still own all the important IP's like Flight Simulator, Halo, Project Gotham Racing etc so perhaps the bean counters figure its cheaper to hire a team in to further those titles than run a studio full time.

BlackRaven853538d ago

No. They just want to focus on console gaming, and building relationships like Sony had to do and rebuild themselves as non-titan like figures, if they want someone it'll be the slow and steady way. Which is good for them to get away from that, and start over.

Revvin3538d ago

If they had just stripped away a few studio's that perhaps were not performing well it would be understandable but they've just demolished their gaming division. Ensemble, Bungie, Bizarre created successful franchises. Sony have around 20 studio's and to the average gamer that shows commitment to their product.

OmarJA3538d ago

What game studios ?...

Jerk1203538d ago

It's the ''Are you an idiot?'' game studios.

GiantEnemyLobster3537d ago

The flight simulator franchised produced such a great community. Hope someday we can get to see Flight Simulator 11.

The Lazy One3538d ago

Microsoft is closing studios to reduce redundancy and overhead. They had many studios that did similar things, and rather than having all the talent together they were often split up in their own managerial structures.

It was a problem through the whole company that they are working on fixing before reopening or making new studios.

They also aren't canning the franchise, they just closed the studio with plans to continue flight simulator at a diff studio.

Revvin3538d ago

Its easy to close down a studio working on a franchise where each game is really a stand alone product. In the case of MS Flight sim it was a series of games and the thing that kept customer coming back instead of going to X-Plane was that they were able to use their old add-on products and port across a lot of their settings and hardware without too much hassle. A new studio making a new Flight Sim simulation will waste time digging into the old code to see what hooks they need to put in for cross compatibility. MS Flight Sim fans spend considerable amounts on payware add-on products and peripherals and will not want to start from scratch.

The Lazy One3537d ago

that they didn't keep any of the programmers from the studio. Just because the studio is closed by name doesn't mean none of the employees still work for M$.

free2game3653537d ago

It makes no sense to cut back support for profitable market sectors. MS has totally stopped publishing PC games, there's nothing actually confirmed to be released this year, and they published no new PC games last year. The Xbox heads just see PC gaming as a threat and are trying to do their best to kill it off.

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