Loot: The Phil Harrison Interview, Part IV

In today's final installment, Harrison shares his thoughts on which aspects of SCE's culture need to adapt and evolve, the prospects of sanctioned homebrew development for PlayStation Portable, and the company's plans for what it has dubbed the "entertainment tool."

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ben hates you4250d ago

i hate you phil a lot you should just shut up and this website should stop posting anything about you, he should just live in a cave and never leave

Torch4250d ago

and tell us how you really feel about him.

Go ahead...put the political correctness aside and don't pull any punches this time.

THAMMER14250d ago

This guy is a true professional. He knows how to make Sony fans happy. No matter how you look at is he has been up against allot for the past year. Mainly because people expected Sony to come out and smash the 360. Even though that did not happen he still knows what to say to keep Sony enthusiast in the right mood about the PS3.

I totally see why he is where he is at Sony. Even though he still has yet to say anything that grabs me as a reason to buy a PS3 personally, I do respect the fact that he is the perfect example of a company man. Now he and Sony need to push the software and prove that the PS3 is worth it for every one.

techie4249d ago

I completely agree. He's a good lad, he's intelligent and tries to be diplomatic. I think he's slightly in love with the ps3, but that's because he's been with the playstation since the begining and his passion shines through. He tries to say what fans want to hear, and he's starting to realise how Sony need to change their public persona, and he is helping a lot.

He's a leg end

DJ4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

Which is to have blogs by major execs within SCE and beta-style roadmaps of where they plan to take software aspects of the PS3, such as future XMB functions, in order to get constant feedback from users. Having a quick link to something like that as soon as you log into your PS3 account would be great; having a quick-access page that listed every Firmware update and all of its features would be sweet too. He knows that Sony Computer Entertainment needs to be more open with its customers, and it's obvious that he's pushing for that as much as possible.

Amplitude is still one of my favorite games of all time, but with the PS2's online network it wasn't laid out very well, and not many people were ever on. With the new PSN out now, if they brought back a sequel and made it a downloadable title (with a demo of course), it would probably catch on like wildfire. Playing against other users and playing other people's remixes was always fun, so I'm hoping they bring that back. Hell, they should even do ranking systems for remixes, or even contests (and not just for this particular title).