AATG: SingStar ABBA - Review


"See, there really isn't a lot to be said. This is Sony's first themed disc for the Singstar (PS3) community, and we all know that once they finished their two minute board meeting in which they decided to throw this disc to the public, they all slapped each other on the back and took the rest of the day off. Coming off the back of the musical, ABBA and their songs are a hot property once again. You've got all the usual bells and whistles attached to the main concept of the game, it's just that this really is an ABBA expansion pack. Should you get bored of these songs, you'll have everything else you've downloaded to amuse you, or you can use the disc-swap feature and stick one of the three contemporary volumes in the machine. One nice thing that this disc has over Volume Three is that all the songs on this disc are grouped under the one band name. I didn't have to pick through one hundred and fifty downloaded tracks to find the damn things."

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