AATG: Saints Row 2 Review


"I had many memorable moments with Saints Row 2, and it's arguably the most fun 7/10 game I've played. But then it's also the most bug-ridden mess of a 7/10 game I've ever played that even now I'm wondering whether to drop it down to a six. But I won't, because when it's behaving, it really is a whole lot of fun to play. But suffice it to say, if you have a low tolerance for any of the bugs mentioned, or just bugs in general, it isn't a game that you should entertain. And for those of you that were left disappointed with GTA IV, and that wanted something more accessible and are prepared to put up with some pretty horrendous bugs, Saints Row 2 comes highly recommended. Volition knows how to develop solid gameplay, it just doesn't know how to develop a solid game."

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