GiantBomb: Killzone 2: Let's Talk Multiplayer


"Killzone 2's take on multiplayer gameplay and loadouts has a lot of things that will seem immediately familiar to people who have played other shooters. But nothing is presented in quite the same way you're used to. After a Sony-hosted multiplayer session today, I now have a couple of hours of multiplayer time under my belt. Between that and exploring the unlockables and statistics screens, this is what I've picked up so far. If you've been following this game from the get-go with a white-hot intensity, you probably know at least some of this stuff already."

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HighDefinition3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Thinking about it is torture.

redsquad3537d ago

I hardly ever go online for multiplayer because, well, I'm crap basically.
But, KZ2 may well be the game that changes that - I'll still be rubbish and nobody will want me on their team, but I reckon I'll have a lot fun of with it.