New Resistance Retribution Mech Screens

With Resistance Retribution only a few months away, positive vibes continue to emanate from those who have played the game. These new screenshots show off some of the game's great visuals, while also show off some vehicle related gameplay.

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Selyah3539d ago

Looks pretty good so far.

kharma453539d ago

Yup, sure does. Could be the game that makes me get my PSP repaired.

Mindboggle3539d ago

I really wouldn't get so excited. Visually its impressive but i played the demo, and without 2 analouge sticks the game really suffers. You have to use the buttons for aiming. Its fairly awkward, but i suppose you could get used to it. But with the ability to use your PS3 controller I think its brilliant, but you need a PSP 3000 which sucks.

Nitrowolf23539d ago

you can use psp 2000, i used it a while ago. I find the control to be more hard with the ps3 controller. Well the difficulty is def amped up with it.

TheColbertinator3539d ago

Is this your new site Mephman?

mephman3539d ago


Check your PM inbox for a reply to your question. :)

Giriath3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Another Mech in my FPS?! This is an elaborate plot to sell more in Japan! GUNDAM~~!