All games should have "Take a Break" Option

Killa-Indian writes:

Anyone that played Left 4 Dead knows this. The take a break option. I mean that is just awesome. It really helps a lot. I mean if you got to take a crap….you can. If you want to take a long ass leak and eat a cheeseburger….YOU CAN. I just love this feature.

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TrevorPhillips3543d ago

doesnt it already have a thing called pause the game

edhe3543d ago

I think he's referring to the way that L4D sticks an AI into your avatar when you leave it alone for a set length of time, nice idea.

I agree that it'd be a nice thing to do, god knows we all hate it when someone in your team goes awol in a match, or someone disturbs your coop-partner.

The adoption of this will come after the adoption of bots, since they're essentially the same kind of design object.

Hopefully the world will learn from valve (again) and implement it into future iterations of the FPS genre [and any others that have AI & multiplayer] so everything from killzone3 through gears3, halo4 half life 3 [if there's MP] and cod6 will have it.

Maddens Raiders3542d ago

lol..agreed. fkn stupid article and absolute waste of bandwidth....

Sangria3543d ago

I may have misunderstood what he meant, but he actually wants to see video game heroes to eat, piss, sleep during their adventures?
"Watch out Snake, your sh!t-meter is increasing highly, stop shooting and take a break."
"Hey Dom ! Cover me and give me toilet paper, i can't handle it anymore !"
"Pika pika !" ("I'm fvcking hungry !")

I don't know, there was an interesting article very recently (of course not on HHG) about sandbox games, and when you see GTA IV or Far Cry 2 where you can go everywhere and do "everything", it's actually very boring. It was nice in San Andreas to have an influence of food on movings, but i don't feel it necessary in every game.

Of course, we could ask how our dear heroes do to stay hours without eating, pissing, sleeping, drinking, etc... but video games are fictional and give us the possibility to evade from rules like gravity, needs, feelings, moral, money, death, etc... And to me, the more realistic is a video game, the more i feel bored (that's why i hate Sims for example).

player9113543d ago

"Hey Dom ! Cover me and give me toilet paper, i can't handle it anymore !"

dude that had me in tears.

TrevorPhillips3543d ago

Well if your feeling dizzy or tired just pause the game and have a rest, theres really no point of having a ake a break option

kparks3543d ago

agree again lol.. why not just pause the game.. tho why not put it in the game i will take it or leave it dont matter

Daz3543d ago

you people didnt understand. in coop why palying with freinds the take a break and ai takes over why you go and do you thing. its a very nice feature without slowing the game down.

pippoppow3543d ago

May be a good idea if limited. Maybe can hit it during a game only 3x and for a time of 2 minutes max and if not back in 2 min your booted out. Maybe have a toggle option to turn off the take a break option before a game even starts for the more serious gamers.

pixelsword3543d ago

If you're playing a co-op game where you would slow down your friend(s) and where a pause button would be a hindrance, or downing your man to take a leak just to have your friend revive you and have your man killed a few more times before it sinks in that you're not available, it makes sense to have such an option.

In "all" games? No. I'm sure they take a dump during cutscenes.

mirroredderorrim3543d ago

Taking a dump during cutscenes?!

Surely you jest!? ;B

pixelsword3543d ago

I jest, but I meant the characters taking a dump, actually. I press pause or leave the game If I'm taking a dump or eating lunch.

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