WiiWare World: Snowboard Riot review

An extract from the Snowboard Riot review by WiiWare World:

"Hudson is one of the more talented developers on WiiWare. All of their WiiWare games to date have done much to impress and show other devs how it's done. In Snowboard Riot they have turned their hand to creating a racing game with the added bonus that you can use items to get your revenge on fellow boarders. The question is of course, does it live up to the high standards already set by Hudson? Read on to find out.

Upon start up, you will find four save spots, each with a corresponding friend code spot. This is a nice feature if you're not the only gamer in the house. While the game options are fairly limited, they work well. There's a Nintendo WFC option for online play and a Stand Alone mode for offline play. You will also find a twenty nine page tutorial, three difficulty options and the ability to view past play results. There are four racers to choose from, two male and two female, with the ability to select basic gear for each, like caps, goggles and outfit. There are four courses to race on and each race lasts three laps."

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