Worms HD will be the next Xbox Live Arcade game

Worms HD finally made it through the certification process and will be the next Xbox Live Arcade game, which will be released for Xbox 360 on Wednesday, March 7 at 0800 GMT (1 a.m. PST).

"Worms" is a cleverly balanced turn-based strategy game in which teams of heavily armed worms battle across bizarre, randomly generated landscapes for supremacy. Each team takes turns picking off opposing team members using crazy weapons, tools and other utilities along with whatever foul strategies they can devise. The simple and cute appearance belies the deep strategy of a game that is easy to play but difficult to master.

"Worms" will be available worldwide for 800 Microsoft® Points.

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Havince4252d ago

Im not one for spending money on top-up cards, tho i may purchase one for this. plus the excellent alien homnicide (or however you spell it) is really good

dachiefsman4252d ago

I really have found a game I like on arcade...the alien homicide game is cool but hard as hell....I always like worms it will be fun blowing **** up in HD!

gogators4251d ago

Alien Hominid. both are going to be good. Now bring us Settler's of Catan.

death monk4250d ago

anyone know if this is multiplayer over live?