GameTrailers: House of the Dead: Overkill New York Comic-Con 09: Developer Walkthrough (Cam)

"Reload and blast all of those zombies to shreds. "

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Cynical-Gamerzus3592d ago

Sorry !! But What A f.gcking Joke!! Sega!!!
pathetic! pathetic this is not House of the dead!!!
it is a cheap quick ATTEMPT!on Wii LMAO!
First off the last House of the dead ran on a PS3 Like Nvidia Video card arcade RIG 1GB or RAM 3GHZ!!
It looked about 10 time more Gorgeous and realalistic!!
IT was made in house By SEGA AM1/WOW not some cheap dev house out in Europe!!
Sega's AM divisons are Legendary masters!!!
Screw this new Sega and their horrible attempt at fooling people.Sega rest in Peace!!!!
What a joke don't buy this game it is not HOUSE Of The Dead!!!it is fake..
BOycott Sega's BS!!!

Where is the Real SEGA!!!!Wake up!!!