Xbox 360 Has The Edge Over PlayStation 3

"Despite what everyone thinks about the PlayStation 3 being expensive and in need of a price cut to make it a "reasonable" buy, Sony might need a lot more than a price cut to catch up to Microsoft's Xbox 360."


All the people here that are complaining most likely have not read the article. The article states facts explaining why it is in a better "Position". It never states which console is better but which console is in a better "Position" at this time.

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mercenarie3565d ago

accept this garbage. the only reasons he states are the xbox 360 is cheaper then the PS3 and the below quote.

"You can’t deny the fact that Microsoft has a lot of advertising deals with certain gaming and news sites, which means they have more control over who says what and what people hear"

Why dis3565d ago

I guess you can understand what MSFT has been putting up with for the last 9 years then.

iamtehpwn3565d ago

holds the 360 back the most.

LeonSKennedy4Life3565d ago

You really think Microsoft has had to try that hard?

littletad3565d ago

But there's no denying most gamers want both, at least I think so. So if you only have one, your either going to get the other or force yourself to hate the other. Or just be an incredibly loyal customer.

I think both offer something for everyone, but it's tough to say where Microsoft would be right now if the dreaded RROD never occurred. It is a little amazing it's still popular despite that.

StayHigh3565d ago

its to 360 fanboys this desperate...

mugoldeneagle033565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

How many more times can we argue about this? Don't articles like these bore you guys as much as me?

The only thing that someone needs to explain to me is this:

1) What can Microsoft add to the 720 to make it a better value than the PlayStation 3 while maintaining the same market price?

When there's an article debating that, i'll be back. Until then, back to my Killzone 2 demo :)

PoSTedUP3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

this article is stating that 360 has the edge in being more successful than the ps3, isnt that pretty damn interesting? dont yall wanna know whats up with the future of our consoles? ps3 fanboys man dont wanna admit it but this article is actually true. (well most of them) know one knows the outcome of this generation, and about the 720 and ps4? thats too far into the future man, articles should be about THIS generation, not next generation ya know.

mugoldeneagle033564d ago

"this article is stating that 360 has the edge in being more successful than the ps3, isnt that pretty damn interesting?"

- No. It's not, only because we've seen this article 6 times a week, for every week since November 16th 2006. It's one thing to talk about Microsoft's success and Sony's failures then, but both consoles sold the exact same amount last year, with one being $100 more expensive. Developers have been supporting the PS3 more and will continue to do so, and games have benefited from it.

"dont yall wanna know whats up with the future of our consoles?"

- Yes. It's called Killzone 2, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5, iNfamous, FFXIII. Hell throw in Alan Wake too if it ever comes out. All will be great games.

"720 and ps4? thats too far into the future man, articles should be about THIS generation, not next generation ya know"

- So your telling me the 360 is going to be supported for another 4 years, at least? It's games catalog is pretty unsatisfing this coming year, let alone developers pushing more for the extinction of exclusive games. That puts the ball in one persons hands, First Parties. And the cake goes to Sony.

So like I said, I don't find it interesting.

PoSTedUP3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

ok then show me an article that has the "advantages" of the 360 over the ps3. this article actually makes alot of sense and for thoes who are interested in reading it... well then read it, you come in here why? to talk s***? but the article doesn't interest you, what are you doing here then?

do you even know when the 360 dropped its price to $200? the ps3 out sold the 360 the whole year basically and then the 360 drops its price at the end of the year and catches back up. this year will be different bc the 360 will be $200 the WHOLE year : )

the 360 will be supported as long as the ps3. this isnt last gen this is this gen, times have changed friend, get with the times..

your the one wanting to know about the ps4 and 720... thats strange. why not read up on that? im sure it will interest you more.

mugoldeneagle033564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

"ok then show me an article that has the "advantages" of the 360 over the ps3"

- I never said the 360 had an advantage over the PS3 though, mostly because I think it doesn't have one...(Read my next comment and you'll understand why)

"this year will be different bc the 360 will be $200 the WHOLE year : )"

- Now I understand if you never took a Buisness class in College, or even HS for that matter, but you need to understand something. It's common for a Company to drop the price, especially for an upcomming holiday season against two of it's main competitors.

But what your not understanding is where can the 360 go from here? Whatever consumer that was remotely interested in a 360 bought one after the price drop. But what next? Like I said the 2009 game catalog for Microsoft is less appealing than both Sony and, yes I said it, Nintendo's AT THE MOMENT, and what's going to push more systems? Another price drop? Do you really think that Microsoft is going to make a big push by bringing the Pro to $199? Or Elite to $300?

That's why Sony actually made the smarter move by NOT dropping the price, which if you would've read the interview with SCEE's Reeve's that was posted earlier this week, you would've understood a little better. You see if the PS3 dropped the price to $299, it would've taken a bigger loss, and risked more in the long run. They had to suffer, and now it's time to regain it's strength, which it's doing.

So with Sony still guaranteed a future price drop, more great games, a bunch of features they could still add via Firmware, let alone the boundaries they are pushing with 3D technology and the advantages of Blu Ray, you tell me....What can Microsoft do to counter anymore?

7-2-0. That's what...

"but the article doesn't interest you, what are you doing here then?"

-I'm talking to you :)

dantesparda3564d ago

Is admitting that MS pays websites to say what they want. But no one is saying anything right? I bet the place would be on fire if it was the other way around. Got love the double standards.

jammy_703564d ago

but the 360 was realesed 1 year earlier than ps3, so if it keeps that gap of 8 million or norrows it then its still doing darm well!

lost23564d ago

this is the beggining of the end for the 360
you ve been warned

pain777pas3564d ago

The truth is that Sony hasj the true edge stable technology, free online service and games. Add bluray and wifi enabled console and call it a day. I have both systems and after my 360 went down I had a different opinion on the system. Streets of Rage 2 and SOTN got me onboard along with ME Bioshock gears and Halo. However the truth is that the systems games are not better than PS3 games. Uncharted to me is better than gears. Halo and R1 were about the same. Bioshock is on both systems and ME is the only game to get a 360 for unless you have a good computer which I don't have at the moment. The truth is you take away the fanboy theatrics and you have a system that is not capable of running games for a very long time without disc errors, scrates etc. then you go to a system without a real hiccup so far and I have gamed hard on that system. I resent M$ alot because I had the money for a PS3 and EBgames advised that I pick up the 360 in the end I spent way more getting all the add ons like the steering wheel for Forza which didn't work well, wifi adapter chargers for the controlers etc...... I liked the system up until I realized that the system can't handle the games effectively where I don't have to mail it out and all that other garbage. Sony's system is superior in everyway. The amount of fun I've had with games that reviewed poorly is astounding, uncharted and HS I'm looking at you. Marketing has killed the true king again this gen but I think time will indeed tell the tale once people start thinking about what they are investing into a broken product. Great features with live and all that BUT I called them and told them don't charge me I'm not paying for this anymore I'm getting this for free somewhere else. Painpas look me up on live or PSN you'll see me I'm not lying I want to be heard. I get all the systems though I passed on the WII. I want gamers to support those who care about gaming in everyway. This 360 business is a farce and should have been ultimately recalled. you'll see M$ true colors soon trust me they are going to leave this system and start again hoping that you have swallowed their propoganda and are in this for the long haul. They are mistaken this was a trial run for me and I won't purchase there system until I am convinced that there are games for them exclusively and that there hardware works flawlessly.

Thanks for you time,

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Raoh3565d ago

funny.. the article is admitting that microsoft is using its deals to have sites say anything they want against its competitors.

kind of sounds like an anti trust and illegal practice suit to me.

but hey.. its ok right?

there should be IQ tests before people are allowed to create websites

PoSTedUP3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

its actually a good strategy dont ya think? and isnt it working? its also far from illegal my friend... have you ever herd CNN say ANYTHING good about the ps3??

pippoppow3564d ago

But sure is unethical. Sites that allow themselves to be swayed due to Ad revenue should be ashamed and shunned.

MGOelite3565d ago

?? what does sony need besides a price cut, the 360 has no decent exclusives this year YET, so what else does sony need?

kewlkat0073565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Just like the PS2 the PS3 has not really taken off....and it's not because it does not have "Exclusives", but Price people, Price.

The US(Biggest Market) just lost 3.1 million jobs and it's been the worst ever since he last 30 years and unemployment is souring.

I'm not sure how it is around the world, maybe other countries are doing better but this sh!t comes down to affordability in times like these, not just Exclusives.

PS2 never went through these turbulent times..which is why it is not a given when you compare.

Speed-Racer3565d ago

Xbox author: blah blah blah the truth is the ps3 fails
PS3 author: blah blah blah the truth is the xbox fails...

idiotic articles...

GiantEnemyLobster3565d ago

This fact was well established years ago. No need to make a news article about it now.

dukadork23564d ago

360 has the E.D.G.E over PS3

likedamaster3564d ago

"360 has the E.D.G.E over PS3"

Old news.

Helghast Slayer3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Price is the only thing left in the 360's arsenal. The ps3 has held it's own against the 360 for the past 2 years without a recent price drop. When we are talking about games the ps3 has the highest rated games on the market and with KZ2 and Uncharted2 showing the ps3's graphical advantages over the 360, consumers will see the difference once they get a taste of these games.

The gap is widening in quality terms and only games that will dethrone these AAA games are other future ps3 games. This will become a trend and developers will want to showcase their best talents by focusing on the ps3 when it finally catches up to the 360 in install base.

The truth hurts so if you disagree i can feel your pain.