Kotaku: Ghostbusters Preview

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is a 3rd-person action game written by none other than Dan Aykroyd (Ray) and Harold Ramis (Egon). The story takes place two years after the events from Ghostbusters 2 and sees the return of the original main cast, which is fully voiced by their movie counterpart. This essentially makes the game like a third movie in a trilogy, only it's in video game form instead. You take control of The Rookie, a new recruit to the team who's not only there to help, but also to be the guinea pig for testing new equipment.

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Trollimite3564d ago

where is your killzone 2 review. we didnt forget. stop staling. proff that you didnt get a press copy and your waiting for the real game to come out so you can finally play it. im predicting a 7/10 from you guys