BOMB: First Look: Halo Wars

BOMB writes: "Obviously, the first thing you see is the menu system which looks like it was stolen straight out of Halo 3, but that's no real big deal.

Next, starting the game puts you into a cinematic. The cut scenes are absolutely amazing, I thought I was watching a CG movie.

But enough of all that, into the game. You have the choice of doing the tutorial if you want or you can skip it. There is also an advanced tutorial that you can do that goes into great detail on how the buildings work. You have a main base and you start with the ability to put 5 other smaller buildings that let you make vehicles or troops. This is one thing I don't like about the way RTS games are headed and have been for a while. I like old school RTS where I can build where I want to, not be constricted to 5 buildings and they "must be in this spot"."

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IaMs123543d ago

Eh i disagree.

I believe that it will sell well but it wont be another Halo 3 recorder breaker. KZ2 will beat it out most likely but i still enjoyed the demo very much. It was alot better then a thought it would be, most people think so too. I give it 8 and maybe a 9 out of 10. Cant wait for the retail it will be fun played online 3v3 and stuff.