SEGA Prepping For New Titles?

The US Patent and Trademark website has some interesting new applications from SEGA, namely those for 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker and the famous REZ. Are sequels in the works?

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Cajun Chicken3566d ago

18 Wheeler = Yes! YES!


Also wouldn't both of these be amazing on PSP? Crazy Taxi and Powerstone worked.

Sev3566d ago

I would really love to see a updated Streets of Rage most of all.

T3mpr1x3566d ago

Well, the only time I think I tried 18 Wheeler was in an arcade. But I'd love to see a new REZ game for sure!

Cajun Chicken3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Yeah, but it'll still have to be all neon 80'ishy.
I really liked that 'Neon Punk' look, I think it would lose a lot of spirit if it wasn't included.
Can't wait to get the upcoming Sega Megadrive/Genesis collection.

EDIT: 18 Wheeler was class, used to have it for DC, excellent game, thinking about it Burnout incorperated the whole 'Traffic Checking' system.

kewlkat0073565d ago

Besides Nintendo SEGA have been one of he best 1st-Party devs.

Streets of Rage is my #1 Brawler, Part 2 actually. I remember walking in a blizzard( I know it sounds cliche) to go to the Video Store to rent that and Sonic Spinball on the SEGA Genesis.

but as we all know Brawlers are DEAD..

Dark General3565d ago

Hey Kewlkat keep a eye out for Watchmen: The end is nigh. It's going to be a classic beat em up but downloadable and it'll have co op. I never read the watchmen graphic novel or anything like that but the game looks really good in my opinion. I was looking for the footage i just seen on X-Play on Wednesday night.

kewlkat0073565d ago

Looks pretty good, I have not played a brawler in ages. I think there as that one on the Original XBOX by SEGA, I think? Forgot the name...

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TheColbertinator3565d ago

I just wished Sega would add a trademark for Shenmue 3 or a new Panzer Dragoon

propheta3565d ago

They always said that this (Rez) was just the beginning. Maybe now there is the chance to create a sequel and Q? might work together with SEGA in order to create that game? Rez is a SEGA IP anyhow, so if Mizuguchi is working on a sequel he must do so in cooperation with SEGA.

2FootYard3565d ago

A new Rez would be awesome.