Cletus Clay; Clayanimation coming to the 360.

Gamer Limit writes "As a massive fan of clayanimation Cletus Clay may just become my favorite upcoming XBLA game. Cletus Clay like the title suggests has all the graphics made from clay (yep apparently everything)… Making for an oh-so unique game, check out the trailer released today below."

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GiantEnemyCrab3538d ago

Wow, another XBLA game to keep my eye on. This is the second one today that has been announced and I'm excited for(Blood Bowl is the other).

Still waiting to hear what the South Park XBLA game is going to be like as well.

Ziriux3538d ago

Yea this bundle of the latest innovation is def. helping the game industry. I'm not sure how Southpark XBLA game will turn out, we'll have to see.

Dimly3538d ago

I miss clay-mation. Moar plz.

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The story is too old to be commented.