Kombo: Hands-On With The Conduit

Sega had a really nice setup. Make your way through their booth, play three of their demos (MadWorld, House of the Dead Overkill and The Conduit) and you get a T-shirt. Well… acquired.

The Conduit was the second game Kombo played at the show, considering the possibilities for an obnoxious line. You remember the footage of a giant bug monster, alien thing smashing down on a bridge and you fighting it? That's the demo. It's pretty much find the hive and kill some alien jerks.

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Durffen3541d ago

I remember a few months ago, Kombo was talking about how awesome The Conduit was when they had their first hands-on impression. I guess it must be a different guy, cause this guy doesn't seem to give a flying turd.

SinnedNogara3541d ago

I hope they add a location marker. The game will probably come out this May anyway.