Sony ships 4 million PS3 units worldwide

SONY (SCE) Chairman Taragi Hisashi last week said in a statement, "PlayStation 3 (PS3) has shipped 4,000,000 units (Worldwide).'' They had reached 2,000,000 units, point in time at the end of last year when production issues where present, now these issues have been taken care of entirely. SCE currently aim toward the PS3 shipment of 6,000,000 units towards the end of March.
The sony stock price presently 6410 Yen (UP by 60 yen).

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BIadestarX4252d ago

wow that's a lot of consoles.

PS3 Owns All4252d ago

I'm back from my very, VERY long vacation! Yes now it seems like SONY is meeting the promise. People that doubted SONY saying that they would'nt even get close to shipping 6 million, have now ate their word. Many have expected SONY to have half of what they promised? Now SONY lives up to the promise on shipment numbers. ^_^

NextGen24Gamer4252d ago

Are they shipping too many for consumer demand is the question...You don't want to over saturate the market and give the impression that No one wants it with so many stocked up. You want to give just enough to sell out consistantly and keep people excited about it. Just a thought. But it looks like Sony will hit 6 million shipped when they said they would the last time they announced their potential numbers.

AuburnTiger4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

if you bring up nextgetWars then we should also look at the 360's 10.6 million sold. But how is this possible when MS said they sold 10.4 at the end of '06?? Are you stating that MS has sold only 200,000 360 in the last 2 months...

As a side note, begging for bubbles isn't the most respectable thing, but losing bubbles for speaking your mind is definitely not cool.

Arkham4251d ago

MS shipped ("sold into retail channel") 10M by end of 2006. By now they've probably actually sold-to-consumer 10M.

FordGTGuy4252d ago

but even if they sold every single of those 4 million they are still behind the Wii by almost a million and behind the Xbox 360 by 6-7 million. But its good to see they finally started producing more. God knows they needed it.

Die_Sloe064252d ago

4 million is alot? Well, I know its easier to make but Nintendo is at somewhere around six so I dont think we should be that gun-ho about the numbers......

FordGTGuy4252d ago

1 million is alot and although this day and age trillion is commonly known a million is still the key number. Your lucky to sell a million copies of a game so selling a million consoles or even making a million consoles is a big deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.