Konami takes action against 113 Metal Gear Online accounts

In a recent statement, Konami Customer Service revealed that it has taken action against 113 individuals accused of cheating in Metal Gear Online. Konami will not divulge any details of the "action" taken but they said they are taking the matter seriously and urge the community to provide any evidence users may have regarding "prohibited behavior".

Here is what the statement said:

Konami has a firm policy regarding cheating in Metal Gear Online. It will not be tolerated. In keeping with this position, we have taken action against 113 accounts participating in prohibited behavior.

The role of the gaming community in keeping Metal Gear Online free of this type of activity cannot be overstated. You are the first line of defense. We encourage you to report instances of prohibited behavior and ask that you provide any evidence you may have regarding these events.

Violations can be reported to us at: [email protected]

All reports will be reviewed; necessary and appropriate actions to address the issue will be taken immediately. Due to privacy concerns, we will not be able to notify you of our findings, nor of the actions taken to resolve the reported violation.

We wish to thank you for your continued support of Metal Gear Online.

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paskowitz4253d ago

Once you get past the Konami ID and some of the glitchers (a TON less than there used to be) this game is actually great. MGO fan is going to deny the Konami Fed up royally but it is still a fun game. MGO is a love it or hate it type of game though. If you like 3rd person, tactical, slow gameplay it is a great game but you you do not it blows.

Lombax4253d ago

I guess we just lost about 113 lvl 17 Faux Hounds. xD

bassturd4253d ago


There were tons of cheaters last time I played. I just got the game back from letting someone borrow it. Hoppin online now...hope it isn't as bad these days.

MGO is a great game. The only turn off is the delay. There is some major delay...some people deny it...I don't see how. Throw a grenade on someone and watch where their body lands...then they warp 10 feet in another area.

bassturd4253d ago

bleh still bad delay....but still fun regardless. Lots of people still playing...kinda surprised with how much hate it gets for whatever reason. It's a fun game.

Tempist4253d ago

Yeah all the lag hacks have got to stop. It's far to easy to lag out your connection to get easier kills and tele all over the place.

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The story is too old to be commented.