The Anatomy of Most RE5 Bashing? Weak writes: "Capcom has had their hands full since Resident Evil 4's release, but as the efforts come to fruition with Resident Evil 5, to release this coming March, increasingly odd opinions are being heaped upon the company that surpassed many gamers' expectations with RE4. Now, I haven't played Resident Evil 5, be it the demo or the full copy like some of my colleagues, but after witnessing different aspects of the game it becomes that much harder to believe a misguided few are not going to have a blast when it comes out."

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bomboclaat_gamer3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

lets bash killzone 2 lol. wooohooooooooo

RE5 > KZ 2

see anybody can bash. but the game will still sell. u just wasting ur time. and before u disagree. please try to comprehend what im trying to bring across to ur little brains