Too Human Update + New Screens

The devs of Too Human have updated their blog with some info and 2 new screens.

"As well, we will be showing the world Too Human again in the near future. We currently have IGN visiting this month for an exclusive sneak peek into the world of Too Human. (E3 means nothing and we are glad it's dead!)

We would have done it sooner but the timing of D.I.C.E., GDC and other logistics have taken a lot of our time away from the offices. After this next showing, we will pick things up again and start doing our weekly blogs once again. If you want more Too Human, hang tight, there is much more coming soon"

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kornbeaner4250d ago

look really good.

Skin texture look amazing, might have to try this out if just for a weekend.

PS360WII4250d ago

I am looking forward to this game mainly because of Silicon Knights. Eternal Darkness was an awesome game they made for the GC along with the revision of Metal Gear Twin Snakes. It has that Tron 2.0 look on it but I bet it plays 100% better than that dang game. Good to see it's moving along

DC RID3R4250d ago

looks like SK have learnt some modelling tricks from konami (twin snakes).

I was dissapointed with the E3 showing of the game, but SK have had plenty of time to progress since then, and these screens look TIGHT :]

Arkham4249d ago

This thing looks great. I've been a fan of Silicon Knights since Blood Omen on the original PlayStation.

Great screens - need more HD movies. :)

Jay da 2KBalla4249d ago

I cant wait to play this game.

PS360PCROCKS4249d ago

Looks awesome...I have always had faith in this game, i'm not sure why I just do. Guess we will find out this month huh?

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