Joystiq: NYCC 09: Invincible Tiger hands-on (XBLA)

Joystiq: "We learned a valuable lesson today: Don't judge a game by it's ... name. First uncaged earlier this week, Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao is the sort of hackneyed game title that simply can't survive in the brutal wilds of So, already composing the first kill strikes in our minds, we picked up an Xbox 360 gamepad and entered the Tiger.

First thought: Wow, this is kinda like Kung-Fu Master -- the venerable father of beat-em-ups. Next thought: No, this isn't like Kung-Fu Master. The level is a movie set, not side-scrolling, but stage-like, with vertical sections, props, and stunt areas. You don't move as an 8-bit Master, but as a fast and fluid 3D model: leaping, rolling, diving, flipping, kicking and splitting wigs."

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