Optimizing your Playstation 3 network connection

Gamerblorge writes:

"Whether or not you are ailed by frequent dropouts, failing game and system updates, and inconsistent transfer speeds, you may want to check your PS3 network settings. A good setup can not only assure you a good connection, but will keep your computer and home network safe and secure."

Some tips to optimize your network connection.

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Hellsvacancy3544d ago

Theres not much point my Ps3 sits like 10 inchs from my router but ive never had any problems usin wireless infact i use to get problems usin wireless through my laptop (which is y i went back to wired connection)

Im now on Virgin medias top package of a supposed 50Mb broadband connection i havnt seen any improvements in downloading from the Ps store it seems to download at the speed it did b4 (about 1Mb per 1.5 seconds)

Mc1873544d ago

Some interesting stuff in there.

Real Gambler3544d ago

No need for a fix IP address if you have such a router. You put the PS3 MAC address in the correct field, and voila, your PS3 is in the DMZ.

shikwan3544d ago

I wonder why lan parties (especially those at game conventions) don't use wifi...???

Serious gamers will never opt for wireless, unless it's no other option.

SaiyanFury3544d ago

I don't know, my PS3 is about 50 feet from my n-band router and I've never had any troubles connecting to it. Then again, my router does have uPnP enabled easily. I get online very easy provided my $hitty internet connection doesn't crap out on me. Damned DSL....

madpuppy3544d ago

I have a linksys N router and I have never had a problem, matter of fact I brought MY PS3 across the street to my friends house and the darn thing still connected to my wireless network, we were able to stream a movie from my computer also. I couldn't believe it!

prunchess3544d ago

I've just upgraded to this router from a Netgear wgr 614v7. The difference I've noticed in having a router with uPnP and a far better range is astronomical. Go for the best wireless router available. It's worth it!

SaiyanFury3544d ago

Yep the D-Link DIR-655 is the same one I'm using, I even have an n-Band card in my PC to take advantage of it. Damn thing works great, never have had to reset it even once.

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The story is too old to be commented.